Android Wear, along with the companion Android Wear app, is relatively new to the wearable technology scene. Since it was launched in the summer of last year along with the first two smartwatches powered by Android Wear, the Android Wear app has already seen a few updates, with the latest one to take it to version 1.4 recently released by Google.

The Android Wear 1.4 update adds mostly small changes to the app's settings screen, so users should not expect any massive overhauls or major new features.

After installing the Android Wear 1.4 update, what most users would first notice is the removal of the screen within the app which shows the battery statistics for the different Android Wear-powered devices of users. For those that have been regularly using the screen to check up on battery life, it has unfortunately been taken out and is not likely to be returned in future updates.

Other changes include a toggle in the settings menu through which users can allow or disallow Google to collect diagnostic data regarding the Android Wear device. Users can also now disable the cards which are displayed within the Android Wear app that contain helpful tips for users.

As mentioned, the actual changes in the Android Wear app with the update to version 1.4 are not at all exciting. However, a teardown of the update reveals that Google is planning major updates, not just for the Android Wear app but for the Android Wear operating system in general.

The teardown shows that the next firmware for Android Wear will add the ability to support the speakers that are found within the latest generation of smartwatches being released into the market. Users will apparently soon be able to play sounds and take phone calls on Android Wear-powered devices that feature speakers.

Android Wear allows users to send messages and make other kinds of commands through certain app using their voices, and the teardown of the Android Wear app update reveals that Google could be adding more support in the upcoming version for more apps such as Viber and WhatsApp.

There is no indication on when users can expect the mentioned changes to appear on Android Wear, but with the changelog for the Android Wear 1.4 update already mentioning the features, it should not be too long of a wait.

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