Apple: 90 percent of iDevice users on iOS 7


Ten months after its release, iOS 7, Apple's latest mobile operating system, now has an adoption rate of 90 percent among iDevice users.

Even as the release of the next-generation iOS 8 nears, the adoption rate of iOS 7 continues to grow as suggested by the update posted by the company on its App Store developer support page.

The findings are based on data measured during a 7-day period, which ended on July 13. The figures released by Apple are in sync with a report published by Chitika Insights in May 2014, which also measured iOS 7 adoption rate to be 90 percent and 85 percent for iPhones and iPads, respectively.

The 90 percent adoption rate compares favorably to 87 percent in April, showing an increase of 1 percent per month in the last three months. Interestingly, the 90 percent adoption rate is also an uptick of 15 percent from December 2013, when only three quarters of users had upgraded their devices to iOS 7 from the previous generation iOS 6.

The pie chart that shows the breakdown of 90 percent devices using iOS 7; however, does not reveal which particular version of iOS 7 the users are running. It is presumed that the maximum number of iDevices would be running iOS 7.1 which released in March this year.

The chart also shows that the increase in iOS 7 adoption rate resulted in a drop in share of iOS 6 from 11 percent in April 2014 to 9 percent on July 13. Earlier iOS versions made up a paltry 2 percent.

iOS usually sees a swift adoption rate among eager users as the over-the-air (OTA) updates are easy to install. The 74 percent adoption rate of iOS 7 within three months of its release bears testimony to this fact.

Along with easy installation, Apple brings plenty of new features to the table with each version of iOS which improves on the predecessor.

Apple's next-gen iOS 8 is already three betas into testing and is set for a fall release along with the next-gen iPhones. iOS 8 is expected to pack in features like third-party keyboard support, interactive notifications, as well as allow integration between Macs and iOS devices.

Come fall, iFans will get acquainted with the next-gen OS which will likely repeat, if not better the adoption rate of iOS 7.

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