Australian carrier Telstra has announced that the network has hit 1Gbps mark over 4G LTE.

Telstra achieved the high speeds by aggregating diverse spectrum bands on its network. The operator used 100Mhz of spectrum over five 4G channels to carry the high speed signal. This technology is called carrier aggregation.

Vodafone, Optus and Telstra uses carrier aggregation for delivering next-generation 4G services in Australia. Telstra calls carrier aggregation as 4GX and it switched to the technology in 2014.

Since 2014, Telstra has demonstrated several mobile devices on its network reaching high Internet speeds.

"Demand for a superior user experience is ever increasing as customers are 'always-on' and have access to new and advanced technologies," says Mike Wright, Group Managing Director of Networks in Telstra Operations. "The demonstration of 1Gbps end to end capability shows the advanced state of these standards and our ability to rapidly bring them into commercial service in order to deliver increased capacity in our network to meet the growing demand."

The demand for high speed Internet on the go on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has been increasing in the last few years. Many mobile device users want access to high download speed to access music, movies and more while outside their home or office and in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection.

It is getting challenging for operators to fulfill these customer requirements. However, Telstra 1Gbps download speed over 4G LTE is an answer to what customers want from their network operators.

Even though Telstra has achieved speeds of 1Gbps over 4G LTE, it may be long before such speeds actually hit consumer devices. Currently, Telstra is the only operator in Australia to offer highest speed of up to 450Mbps on some compatible devices and speed of up to 600Mbps on mobile hotspots in some selected 4GX areas.

Telstra is working on delivering high speed Internet to its customers and both business and consumer customers will hope to get access to 1Gbps speeds at the earliest time to enjoy online content without any interruptions.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi | Flickr

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