Another smart TV maker is in the news again, and as you might have guessed, these smart TVs are watching the owners. This time around, the company in question is no other than Vizio, one of the most well-known in the market.

According to the latest report, the new Vizio Smart TVs are watching what users are doing. What's even more disturbing is the claim that Vizio is selling what the smart TVs have gathered to various advertisers. The advertisers then use the data to target users more efficiently.

It was reported that the feature, which was not advertised to consumers, can be found in Vizio's privacy policy, and it is called "Smart Interactivity." The feature is turned on by default though it is possible for users to option out. However, how can they, when the feature is practically a secret?

Vizio is not the only smart TV maker that has gone down this path, but the company has chosen to move in a different direction. For example, other companies have decided to release products with an option in a model, that is where the user decides whether or not to be spied on.

Vizio, on the other hand, is spying on users without their consent, and without them even knowing the feature exists. Furthermore, Vizio's "Smart Interactivity" feature can also collect user IP addresses, and this used to allow advertisers to better target users with the best possible advertisement.

The company also stated that the laws that prohibit cable companies from selling user data to advertisers do not apply to its form of business. Basically, Vizio is saying it is free to collect user information under the name of the law.

Vizio hopes what it is doing right now will help put some weight on thinning profit margins. Stiff competition in the TV market among others has sent the company on the road to hard times. Only time will tell if it will turn out well, but this spying practice is worrisome.

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