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Best Sound Bars 2018: Sonos Playbar, Vizio SB3621, Samsung HW-MS650, And More

Audio experts have noticed that newer TVs are much thinner than before and lack clarity. Sound bars are the go-to options in order to improve the audio output of most televisions.

Gadgets June 12, 2018

Vizio's 2018 TVs Are Brighter And More Colorful Than Ever Before

The 2018 lineup showcased by Vizio reveals TVs that come with full array local dimming technology. Not only are the new models equipped with FALD, but they also feature Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Gadgets April 12, 2018

LeEco And Vizio $2 Billion Deal Not Happening Because Of Regulatory Concerns

LeEco’s planned $2 billion acquisition of Vizio will not follow through because of regulatory hurdles. For now, it’s unclear how LeEco will make a name for itself stateside.

Business Tech April 10, 2017

2017 Vizio E-Series 4K HDR TVs Launch At $550 And Up

Vizio has launched its latest E-Series TVs, and all models 55 inches and larger (up to 80 inches) boast 4K and HDR. The cheapest one starts at $550, which is quite a bargain for a 4K HDR TV.

Gadgets March 3, 2017

Vizio Settles Claim Its Smart TVs Spied On 11 Million Owners, Tracked Their Behavior

Vizio has agreed to pay $2.2 million for spying on its 11 million smart TV customers. The company was found to have collected and shared viewing behavior and demographic information with advertisers without user consent.

Business Tech February 6, 2017

Google Home Now Plays Nice With Vizio TVs And Other SmartCast Devices

Google Home has added Vizio integration, now allowing users to easily control SmartCast devices such as TVs, speakers, displays and sound bars. The integration brings a number of neat perks, so here's the deal.

Smart Home January 19, 2017

Best Buy Holiday TV Sale Offers Top 4K TV Deals: Big Savings On LG, Samsung, Sony And Other Brands

If you've missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, you're just in time for holiday deals. A number of 4K TV deals are now in store at Best Buy, so here are the most attractive discounts on big brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio.

Gadgets December 14, 2016

Vizio Unleashes 2 Google Cast Speakers: SmartCast Crave 360 At $250, Crave Pro At $300

Vizio has launched two new multi-room speakers that have Google Cast integrations. The $250 SmartCast Crave 360 and the $300 SmartCast Crave Pro are both geared for the whole-home audio system market.

Gadgets September 8, 2016

China's LeEco Buys Vizio For $2 Billion, Edging Closer To Penetrating US Market

LeEco recently purchased Vizio, thus opening its way into the U.S. market. The $2 billion deal was announced at a press event, and it will bring advantages to both sides.

Business Tech July 27, 2016

Vizio Launches Sound Bars With Google Cast Technology: Prices And Options

Vizio has launched a lineup of sound bars that feature Google Cast technology. With these speakers at hand, users can now stream music over Wi-Fi and use their tablet or smartphone as a remote with the SmartCast app.

Smart Home June 8, 2016

New Vizio 4K TVs Launch: Affordable Prices And Google Cast Baked In

Vizio launched new E series and M series 4K TVs at more affordable prices and with similar features found in the earlier-released P series version. Available prices range between $470 and $1,700 (E series) and between $850 and $4,000 (M series).

Gadgets April 20, 2016

Google Rebrands Chromecast As Google Cast: Here's The Reason For The Name Change

Google has renamed the Chromecast app and it will now be called Google Cast. The rebranding highlights the company's efforts of expanding the Cast technology to a wide array of devices.

Business March 23, 2016

Vizio P-Series 4K HDTVs Have Google Cast Baked In, Boast HDR And Bundle Tablets As Remotes

Vizio launched its first-ever revised version of the P-Series 4K TVs, which will retail starting at $999. The 2016 P-Series model is built upon Google Cast and ships with a 6-inch Android tablet along with the traditional IR remote.

FUTURE TECH March 23, 2016

Google Reportedly Planning To Bake Chromecast Functionality Into TVs, Starting With Vizio: Report

Google and Vizio are reportedly working together to launch TV sets with Chromecast functionality. According to the report, they'll go official in a few months' time or as early as spring.

Gadgets February 26, 2016

Want A New 4K TV For The Holidays? Vizio D-Series Starts As Low As $730

Christmas is coming and many folks are certainly looking to move away from their old TV. So, how about checking out this affordable Vizio 4K Smart TV?

Gadgets December 19, 2015

Costco Early Black Friday Sale: Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+ Deals, Samsung And Vizio 4K HD Smart TV Discounts

Costco is kicking off Black Friday early with a big pre-Thanksgiving sale. Some of the best deals are those on Samsung's Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Vizio 4K Ultra HD Smart LED LCD TVs.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 12, 2015

Vizio TV Smart Interactivity Spies On Your Viewing Habits And Sends Your Data To Advertisers

Vizio is in hot water after it came to light that the company has been secretly using its smart TVs to grab user data for the purpose of selling to various advertisers.

Gadgets November 10, 2015

Vizio's Premium 4K Reference Series TVs Expand Rollout, Samples Coming To Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers

Vizio announced that its Ultra HD Premium Reference Series TVs can be ordered at Magnolia Design Centers at Best Buy. The impressive specs and breathtaking price made it a fine choice for the few who could afford it.

Gadgets November 10, 2015

Vizio’s 120-Inch Reference Series 4K TV Offers Stunning Visuals At A Staggering Price

Vizio's top-notch Reference Series 4K TV command a lofty price. The 120-inch model will set consumers back by a whopping $130,000.

Gadgets October 8, 2015

Want 4K TV? Vizio's New M-Series Starts At $600

Vizio has unveiled the price for its new series of 4K TVs. And yes, the low-end model is around the same price of a smartphone off contract.

Gadgets April 14, 2015

Best Soundbars To Buy For Your TV: W Studio, Sonos Playbar, Yamaha YAS-203, Klipsch R10-B, And More

You've got the high-def TV already but now want to ensure quality sound. What soundbar or playbar is the best fit?

Gadgets March 26, 2015

Best TV Deals to Grab Before Super Bowl 2015 on Sunday

A number of TV deals are now available at various stores in anticipation of the much awaited Super Bowl event which is set to begin on Sunday.

Gadgets January 29, 2015

50-inch 4K TV for less than $1000? Why not, says Vizio

For those in the market for a new TV, how about a 50-inch 4K TV? For only $1,000, it’s not as expensive as you think.

Gadgets September 27, 2014

Vizio rolls out P-Series 4K TV starting at $1,000

Vizio launches its P-Series 4K TVs at an affordable range of prices that start at $1,000. Apart from being affordable, the TVs are also touted as being user-friendly and future-proof.

Gadgets September 25, 2014

Vizio recalling 245,000 TVs due to faulty stands

Vizio announces that it is recalling more than 245,000 televisions over a safety flaw. The stand that holds up the televisions appears to not be sturdy and can cause the television to come crashing down.

Gadgets August 8, 2014

Vizio recalls 245,000 LED TVs for risk of tipping over

Vizio issued a recall order for 245,000 LED TVs due to a stand assembly that is prone to have the TV tipping over. There have been 51 incidents reported that are related to the issue.

Gadgets August 8, 2014

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