Adele's new "25" album could be joining Beyonce's iTunes-exclusive album and Taylor Swift's "1989" in the not-on-Spotify list if the music streaming service doesn't change how it runs things. The 27-year-old British singer and songwriter might say hello to Apple Music and good-bye to Spotify.

It seems that Adele and her team reportedly want "25" to be exclusive to paying subscribers on Spotify, but the music streaming service doesn't want to, as it probably doesn't want to alienate its free subscribers, which make up 50 million of Spotify's 75 million active users. However, a representative of Spotify sent a statement to The Verge, denying the issue.

"It is categorically untrue that anyone has asked us to feature Adele's new album on premium only," the representative tells The Verge.

This isn't the first time that Adele has had a run-in with Spotify, though. In 2011, the singer also kept her "21" album off Spotify for over a year when the music streaming service denied her the same deal she's allegedly pushing through today.

On top of that, Coldplay also kept some of its albums from Spotify for months, including "Ghost Stories" and "Mylo Xyloto." The British band's upcoming "A Head Full of Dreams" album, which is slated for release on Dec. 4, could also be excluded from the music streaming service's list.

These recent developments indicate that Spotify might miss out on some chart-topping hits, which means that it might need to rethink its principles if it wants to have virtually all the songs on it.

Adele and her team currently doesn't have any commitments with other music streaming services such as Google Play Music and Apple Music, but according to reports, "25" might launch on Apple's service after a few weeks of the album's Nov. 20 release date.

"25" is estimated to sell between 1 million and 2 million copies when it rolls out, so it might not matter much to Adele if the deal with Spotify works out or not.

This is definitely bad news for Adele fans who rely on Spotify for their music fix. How things will turn out is all up to the British singer's decision.

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