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Spotify Working On Live Playlists You Can Create With Friends

Soon, it might be a lot easier to add tracks to a Spotify queue even if you’re not hosting it. Social Listening is a feature in-testing that will let you and friends collaborate on a shared queue.

Apps/Software June 1, 2019

Spotify Rolls Out Redesigned App To Help People Discover Podcasts

The newly redesigned Spotify app improves prominence and discoverability of podcasts on its platform. It’s not clear, however, when this revamped app might roll out to all users.

Apps/Software May 19, 2019

Spotify's First Hardware 'Car Thing' Brings A Voice Assistant To Your Ride

Spotify has announced its first hardware dubbed 'Car Thing.' However, it's only for testing purposes, and the company doesn't have any plans to make it commercially available.

Gadgets May 19, 2019

Spotify Working On Letting Artists Share Instagram-Style Stories

Rather than relying solely on Genius for song information, Spotify is planning to let artists curate their own musical narrative. A new feature called Storyline is in testing now, although there’s no clue one when it might roll out widely.

Apps/Software May 14, 2019

Stations App For iOS Lets You Listen To Spotify Like A Radio

iOS users in Australia can now get Stations, an experimental music streaming app from Spotify. Stations is different from its parent app in that it prioritizes radio-like listening experiences, bearing most of the brunt of selection.

Apps/Software May 4, 2019

Spotify Testing Voice Ads That Can Pick Up Verbal Commands

'Play Now.' That’s what you’ll soon be muttering to Spotify if you want to check out the content featured in its voice ads, which are rolling out now for free users in the United States.

Apps/Software May 3, 2019

Spotify Is Putting Random Podcast Episodes Within Your Song Recommendations

Spotify is buying all sorts of podcast companies in hopes of leading the podcast landscape. Now, it needs to invite audiences to actually listen to shows using its app, and here’s how it’s doing so.

Apps/Software May 2, 2019

Amazon To Compete With Spotify, Apple With Free Ad-Supported Music Streaming Service

Amazon is launching an ad-supported music streaming service before this month ends. The music catalog would be limited, and record labels would be paid on a per-stream basis.

Apps/Software April 15, 2019

Apple Music Now Has More Paying US Subscribers Than Spotify

Apple overtakes Spotify in terms of paid subscriber count, at least in the United States. There’s plenty to do before it becomes the kind of music streaming globally, however.

Apps/Software April 6, 2019

Spotify Is Testing Two-Person Subscriptions Called 'Premium Duo'

Spotify is testing its new Premium Duo subscription tier in five countries. No word yet on if or when it’ll come to the United States.

Apps/Software March 30, 2019

Spotify Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple Over App Store Fees

Apple is facing another antitrust complaint from Spotify for alleged unfair collection of App Store fees. The Swedish music streaming service accused the iPhone maker of engaging in practices that stifle innovation and limit the choice for consumers.

Apps/Software March 14, 2019

Galaxy S10 Users: Here’s How To Claim Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium For Free

New Galaxy S10 owners can get six months Spotify Premium and four months of YouTube Premium free of charge. Only if they’re in the United States, though.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 9, 2019

Spotify Finally Comes To India, With On-Demand Songs Available On Free Tier

Spotify is now available in India. The music streaming platform offers a library of 40 million songs and support for different languages across the country plus on-demand music access to free-tier users.

Apps/Software February 28, 2019

You Might Get Banned From Spotify If You’re Using Ad Blockers

Spotify is on one of its most important turning points. The company, which turned a profit for the first time in 13 years, is about to swat freeloaders who use ad blockers as it experiences continued growth.

Apps/Software February 8, 2019

Spotify Reportedly Plans To Acquire Podcast Firm Gimlet Media

Spotify is reportedly looking to expand its content through purchasing podcast producer Gimlet Media. Both companies are said to be in 'advanced talks,' according to sources.

Apps/Software February 4, 2019

Spotify Will Let You Block, Mute Artists You Don’t Like

Spotify will soon let users decide for themselves if they prefer certain artists blocked or muted from the platform. No word on a release date yet as the feature is still in testing on iOS.

Apps/Software January 22, 2019

Spotify Is Making A Music Player For Cars, Possibly Launching This Year

Rumors of Spotify’s physical product have been making rounds since April last year. A new report now corroborates this speculation, and it says the service may launch it later this year.

Gadgets January 19, 2019

Spotify Might Let You Import Your Own Music Collection Soon

Spotify doesn’t have every track on the planet but that might not be a problem in the future. The company is currently testing the ability to add local tracks into the app.

Apps/Software December 3, 2018

Spotify Finally Arrives On Apple Watch, With Missing Features

Spotify finally comes to Apple Watch. However, expect to be disappointed with its lack of basic features, such as the ability to store tracks for offline playback.

Apps/Software November 14, 2018

You Can Now Make Spotify Playlists Using Your DNA: Here's How

Spotify teamed up with genealogy company Ancestry to provide users with playlists based on their DNA. The new feature is not free, but it shows that Spotify is trying its hardest to fight back against rival Apple Music.

Apps/Software September 26, 2018

Spotify Song Download Limit Increased To 10,000 Tracks, To Fight Back Against Apple Music

Spotify has increased its song download limit from 3,333 tracks on up to three devices to 10,000 tracks on up to five devices. The move addresses one of the biggest complaints that users have against the music streaming service.

Apps/Software September 14, 2018

Pandora Premium Finally Rolling Out To Google Assistant Devices: How To Get A Free 90-Day Trial

Google Assistant users can finally avail Pandora Premium. The famous music service is becoming more in-demand across the world because of its amazing features such as lyrics search and personalized playlists.

Smart Home August 15, 2018

Spotify Might Finally Let Free Users Skip All Ads

Australian Spotify users now enjoy a new feature that lets them skip ads. The company is planning to implement the Active Media Feature globally and it expects to benefit its advertisers more.

Apps/Software August 11, 2018

Google Clock App Gets Spotify Integration: Wake Up To Your Favorite Songs

The Google Clock app now lets users set their favorite songs from Spotify as their alarm. Google says YouTube Music integration is coming later as well.

Apps/Software August 1, 2018

Apple Music Overtakes Spotify In US Paid Subscribers, Which Was Just A Matter Of Time

Apple Music and Spotify each have 20 million paid subscribers in the United States, according to an exclusive Digital Music News report. Apple Music, however, is 'a hair ahead,' which is not a surprise.

Apple July 7, 2018

Spotify Lite Is A Lightweight Version Of Spotify That’s Missing A Lot Of Basic Features

Spotify Lite is a 15 MB version of Spotify for the developing world. It works well enough, but some crucial features, like offline downloads, are absent.

Apps/Software July 3, 2018

Here’s How Spotify Plans To Disrupt The Music Industry Even Further: Licensing Artists Directly

Spotify wants to directly license lesser-known artists’ music instead of cutting deals with labels. No matter how much it tries to hide it, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Business Tech June 11, 2018

This Is The Best Evidence Yet That Spotify Is Building Its Own Hardware

Spotify has now registered with the Federal Communications Commission. This could be a sign that the music streaming company is getting ready to release its own hardware.

Gadgets June 8, 2018

Pandora Rolls Out $15 Premium Family Plan: Here Are The Details

Music streaming service Pandora revealed a new $15 service for up to six subscribers. The Premium Family plan takes all of the benefits of its regular Premium subscription and delivers the same advantages for all six members for a smaller monthly fee.

Apps/Software May 29, 2018

You Can Now Use Alexa To Listen Hands-Free To Amazon Music

Amazon announced that its Amazon Music app now comes with hands-free listening thanks to Alexa. It allows users to use voice controls to play music from the app just like they would on an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Apps/Software May 25, 2018

Apple Music Subscribers Surpass 50 Million, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Music subscribers have surpassed 50 million, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Bloomberg TV that also involved Donald Trump and Apple original content. How soon will Apple Music overtake rival Spotify?

Apple May 15, 2018

The 5 Best New Features Arriving On Instagram Today

Facebook revealed new Instagram features at the F8 developer conference. Instagram users will now have access to video chat, new augmented reality filters, and integration with Spotify.

Apps/Software May 1, 2018

Spotify Officially Unveils Revamped App For Free Users With On-Demand Playlists, Features Less Shuffling

Spotify showcased its revamped app for free users for the first time since 2014. Free users will now get to shuffle less but for a limited selection.

Apps/Software April 24, 2018

Spotify Launches Redesigned UI, And It Could Be The New Free Tier Version

Spotify silently rolled out an update to select users that drastically changed the UI. The new design looked to be more colorful with some added perks from the Premium version.

Apps/Software April 19, 2018

God Of War: Kratos Voice Actor Unboxes Collector's Edition, Full Soundtrack Goes Up On Spotify

Sony released the unboxing video of 'God of War' Collector's Edition featuring game director Cory Barlog and Chris Judge who voiced Kratos in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game. Sony also revealed that the video game's full soundtrack is available now on Spotify.

Video Games April 17, 2018

Spotify And Hulu Bundle Launching For All, At Just $12.99 Per Month

Spotify and Hulu bundled their services for $12.99 bill per month for both. The bundle is currently available for Spotify Premium users, complete with a neat trial that further cuts the cost, and will extend to all users this summer.

Internet April 13, 2018

The Free Version Of Spotify Is About To Get A Lot Better: What Changes Are Coming?

User growth is critical for Spotify’s business, especially now during its IPO journey. As such, the company will make its service much better for free users, who are most likely to be turned into paying subscribers.

Apps/Software April 11, 2018

Spotify’s First Hardware Product Might Not Be A Smart Speaker, But Something For Your Car

Spotify will release a 4G-capable standalone music players for cars, according to an offer that seemingly was released ahead of schedule. The device’s cost will be stacked on top of a typical Spotify subscription.

Gadgets April 7, 2018

Spotify IPO: How Will It Affect Your Music Listening Habits?

Spotify has finally decided to become a publicly traded company. The move indicates significant changes in the company’s relationship with investors, artists, and even regular paying customers.

Apps/Software April 3, 2018

Spotify Premium Hack In The Crosshairs: Violators May Get Their Account Terminated

Spotify has started cracking down on the modified apps that give free users access to some of the benefits of a Premium account. The music streaming service has disabled some accounts, and warned of possible terminations.

Apps/Software March 6, 2018

Spotify Reportedly Building Its Very Own Connected Hardware Products

It looks like Spotify is this close to launching its very first hardware product, according to just-spotted job listings. Could the streaming service be building its own smart speaker?

Gadgets February 21, 2018

You Can Now Ask Alexa To Create Your Music Playlists For You

Amazon is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to create music playlists through voice command. This new Alexa capability is initially available to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music subscribers in the United States.

Gadgets February 9, 2018

Spotify Has Twice The Number Of Paid Subscribers, But Apple Music Will Catch Up By Summer

Spotify revealed earlier this year that it has 70 million paid subscribers, double the 36 million subscribers of Apple Music. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Music will take the lead over Spotify by summer.

Apple February 5, 2018

Spotify Now Available On Discord So You Can Share Music With Gaming Buddies

Spotify is coming to Discord. Users on the gaming-focused messaging and community platform will now be able to share what they’re listening to and do a bunch of other cool stuff as well.

Internet February 4, 2018

Spotify Quietly Launched Stations Music App On Google Play

Called Stations, Spotify has launched a new music app on Google Play. Stations allows users to listen to music based on their favorite genres and playlists.

Apps/Software January 31, 2018

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