Black hat hackers aren't the only ones attempting to expose Android Marshmallow. White hatters are on the verge of opening up Google's latest operating system to all sorts of modifications.

Rooting cracks open the door to Android's infrastructure in proving full access to the OS' file system. The Xposed Framework kicks that cracked door wide open, allowing users to install all sorts of "modules" that can be used to alter everything from Android's performance to its appearance.

Work on the Xposed Framework has come a long way over the years. Back in the day, users had to install a "cooked" version of an Android ROM in order to install and use the Xposed Framework. But these days, users can install the Xposed Framework to raw and uncooked versions of Android.

rovo89, a senior recognized developer at the XDA Developers forums, is back at it again. The forums are starting to smell like baked goods, specifically "Marshmallow muffins." 

The developer has been able to get the latest version of the Xposed Framework to run on a Nexus 9 and "most things are working fine." rovo89 has fixed the underlying issues that have caused several crashes, requiring a ton of analysis.

"There are a few more things I need to test, but I think you can expect a first version later this week," wrote rovo89 on Monday. "It should be stable enough for daily use, even though not all modules will work out of the box due to the usual amount of changes in AOSP."

For those who haven't been following play-by-play the latest developments of the Xposed Framework, rovo89 has explained what unique set of obstacles are standing in the way this time.

Working out ART (Android Runtime) modifications is "more difficult than 5.0 to less than 5.1, which was not much more than a fix update, as Google has refactored and reworked the code in many places," wrote rovo89 in an update late last month. "So I had to find out where the code has moved and how it works now - and sometimes, this led to cleaner modifications, which is nice."

For those who'd like to contribute to the developer's efforts with the Xposed Framework, rovo89 is now accepting bitcoins. Just follow this link

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