Following Other Academic Institutions Drexel University Rescinds Honorary Degree Of Bill Cosby


Another institution has decided that it wants nothing to do with comedian Bill Cosby after allegations of sexual assault and drug use were filed against the iconic actor. On Nov. 12, Drexel University President John A. Fry released an official statement rescinding the honorary degree the university bestowed upon Cosby in 1992.

The move was made based on the entire deposition of Bill Cosby in a 2005-2006 sexual assault case wherein he admitted to acquiring prescription drugs that he gives to women he wanted to have sexual intercourse with but insisted that none of the drugs were given without knowledge.

"The misconduct by Bill Cosby that came to light through his sworn deposition testimony stands in clear opposition to Drexel's values," Fry wrote. He also stated that Drexel University is serious with taking its responsibility as a venue to recognize and address sexual violence and that the revocation of Cosby's degree was decided after consulting with the university's Board of Trustees.

The 78-year-old actor is steeped in controversy involving more than 50 women who came forward to accuse him of sexual assault over the decades. The cases go as far back as the '60s, including a one that involved assaulting a 15-year-old minor at the Playboy Mansion in 1974.

In 2014, several academic institutions have already cut off their affiliations with the actor, beginning with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which asked the actor to step down from his responsibility as the honorary co-chairman of the school's fundraising campaign. North Carolina's High Point University also removed him as a member of the advisory board, albeit temporarily, and Boston's Berklee College of Music also removed his namesake online scholarship. Four months ago, Spelman College also revoked Cosby's professorship in their institution, also because of the deposition.

University of Pennsylvania has decided not to rescind Cosby's honorary degree in spite of the troubling accusations and the released deposition since it is not their practice to revoke honorary degrees that have already been awarded.

His representatives and lawyers deny the accusations and Cosby has never been criminally charged in any of the cases.

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