The NFL's new "Color Rush" uniform campaign isn't a hit with every fan.

According to reports, colorblind viewers weren't able to distinguish between the Buffalo Bills, who wore red, and the New York Jets, who wore green, during their Thursday Night Football game.

With as many as 8 percent of men, 0.5 percent of women and an estimated 10 million Americans suffering from colorblindness, according to the National Eye Institute — and red-green colorblindness being the most common — Thursday's night game between the Bills and Jets was torture to affected viewers.

Former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes was one of the many affected viewers.

And he wasn't alone.

Colorblind fans will also be disturbed to know that the NFL's "Color Rush" campaign will continue over the next four Thursday Night Football games with teams wearing primary colors of their alternate uniform instead of the traditional dark jersey-light jersey format.

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