The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means game companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all be fighting to grab the attention of shoppers.

While Sony and Microsoft have already unveiled a number of different console bundles set to attract parents and gift-givers, Nintendo's holiday offerings just might be the best deal of them all. For $279, you'll be able to buy a 32 GB Wii U console that comes pre-installed with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Splatoon.

Considering both of those titles are two of the most popular games on the Wii U, it's a pretty big bargain, especially since the 32 GB Wii U is currently $299.

It's not just the Wii U that is going on sale either. Nintendo will be discounting its New Nintendo 3DS XL systems with a price of $179.99 at various retailers, down $20 from the handheld's normal $199 price tag. Wal-Mart and Amazon will be selling the original Nintendo 3DS XL bundled with a digital code for Super Mario 3D Land for $129.99.

The Nintendo eShop will also be joining the holiday shopping festivities. Starting on Nov. 25 and running through Dec. 2, Nintendo will be offering up to 50 percent off select downloadable games. What games will be going on sale, and how much they will cost, has yet to be revealed.

If you're looking at grabbing a Wii U in anticipation for the release of the new Legend of Zelda next year, you might not find a better deal than this. It's unclear exactly how long these bundles will be around, so if you're interested, you might not want to wait to snag one.

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