The Star Wars movies have been known to cast both A-listers and not so well known actors in leading roles, particularly with its leading ladies.

When the original trilogy first came out, Carrie Fisher was only known as Debbie Reynolds' daughter and it was the role of Princess – now General Leia Organa – that catapulted her to international fame.

Likewise, when the prequel trilogy came out, Natalie Portman, although had a cult fan base due to films like “Léon: The Professional” and “Where The Heart Is” she did not become a mainstream household name until she was cast as Padme Amidala.

The newest leading lady of the Star Wars universe is no exception to this trend. When it was annouced that a British actress named Daisy Ridley would take on the role of Rey, the female protagonist of “The Force Awakens” many began to scratch their heads.

Prior to being cast as Rey, Ridley had mostly worked on U.K. television shows only. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be her first major movie.

While we're hard-pressed to find out any more details about her character Rey, we know nothing at all about her. At least we were able to dig up some interesting tidbits about the actress herself.

Her full name is Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley

She is the youngest of five sisters and she grew up in central London. One of her sisters is, Kika-Rose, a model signed with Models 1, and her great uncle, Arnold Ridley, played Private Charles Godfrey in “Dad's Army” a long-running British sitcom.

Her great-grandfather, William Victor Fawkner-Corbett, served as a colonel for the British Army in World War I.

She doesn't know why people become actors.

Although she attended Tring Park Theatre School, a performance school, for five years, she never had an “aha!” moment that told her she wanted to be an actress. After school, she simply traveled to India for a few months and when she returned home, began auditioning.

According to Ridley, when one of her sisters asked her why do people become actors, she had no idea what to answer.

She can sing and dance too.

While a student at Trink Park, she acted in musicals and sang jazz. The marketing director for the school, Miriam Juviler told reporters that Ridley was a triple threat who had that “extra spark” that could take her to places.

“She was very much star material when she was here,” she said.

She appeared in an interactive film.

“Lifesaver” is an interactive movie that puts the plot in the hands of the audience. Ridley played a rescuer named Jo whom audiences get to decide if she would save the victim, or walk away.

She loves #FitnessFridays

Her character, Rey, in “The Force Awakens” is a scavenger who can kick butt with a staff. To prepare for the role, Ridley said she worked out almost five hours everyday and kept to a diet of “fish, legumes, and spirulina shakes.”

But even though filming for “The Force Awakens” has wrapped up, she still maintains her fitness regime and posts her workouts on Instagram every Friday under the supervision of her trainer. Her workouts include air squats, TRX work, bench presses, free weights, and body weight circuts. Can you say beast mode?

Her dog is an Instagram star

Aside from posting her killer workouts, Ridley's Instagram account is as colorful as her name. She also posts photos of herself in drag, and has created a hashtag for her dog, Muffin, who is deaf and blind.

Join her on #MuffinMondays for fun snaps of her adorable furry best friend.

She knows who Rey's parents are!

Unlike Mark Hamill who had no idea that the big reveal of “The Empire Strikes Back” would be that Darth Vader was his father, Ridley says she knows exactly who Rey's parents are and why they left her on Jakku – and she's not telling!

Guess we'll just have to wait and find out for ourselves when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” finally opens in December.

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