It seems that Google is busy experimenting with its new wearable designs, which include one with no screen.

A report from The Information says the team behind Google Glass, a division which is now known as Project Aura, has already come up with three prototypes of the next-generation headsets, one of which is a gadget with no display at all. This gadget is an audio-focused variant which is particularly geared towards "sport" users.

It is not clear, though, from the report how this gadget differs from a Bluetooth earpiece or headphones.

The Google's new wearable tech initiative Project Aura started off in June. It has been reported that Aura moved under Google proper. Leading the development is Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell in collaboration with well-liked designer Ivy Ross. The Google Glass effort was part of the Google X "moonshots" lab.

When Amazon laid off quite a few engineers from its Lab126 hardware division in August, Google picked them up. These engineers previously worked as audio specialists at Amazon. In addition to employing engineers, Google also hired developers and project managers who used to work for Lab126 before Amazon fired staff members within the division.

Project Aura is not wiping out displays entirely, though, as Google is still working on two other gadgets touting screens aimed towards businesses that may require the head-mounted display.

It is likewise worth mentioning that each of these variants employ bone conduction to help pick up audio, which is akin to the first Google Glass.

Furthermore, a possibility exists that Google might end up reducing the three new models down to just two before the new edition of the wearable device is going to be unwrapped in the coming year.

Previously, we reported that with Project Aura staying inside Google, it could possibly promote collaboration with other technology endeavors within the company, such as the gesture control system Soli along with the Google Cardboard.

Since the tech titan has yet to disclose details about the next edition of Google Glass, it is wise to take this with a grain of salt.

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