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Google Maps Can Now Help People Find Nearest Drug Disposal Locations

Google Maps will combat the opioid crisis in the United States by showing users the location of the nearest drug disposals. The company partnered with government agencies and pharmacies to collect unused prescription medication and combat opioid abuse.

Medicine February 22, 2019

Google Rolls Out The New Gmail Redesign For Android

The Gmail for Android is getting a major makeover. Google starts rolling out the overly white redesign for the Gmail app on Android, following the company’s move to create a uniform look across all G Suite products.

Google February 21, 2019

Big-Name Companies Such As Disney, Nestle Pull YouTube Ads Due To Child Videos Problem

Companies have pulled their ads from YouTube after the problem with child videos on the platform surfaced. Video blogger Mark Watson, who discovered the issue, said he found a 'wormhole into a softcore pedophilia ring' on the website.

Internet February 20, 2019

Google Just Scheduled A Gaming Event At GDC: Game Streaming Service Coming?

Google is holding a conference at next month’s GDC to talk about something related to gaming. There’s no telling what announcements are due, but perhaps it has more information to share on Project Stream.

Google February 20, 2019

Google Keep For iOS Now Works On Apple Watch

After removing Maps in 2017, Google is returning to the Apple Watch with Keep. In the latest update, the note-taking app now has support for the Cupertino brand's wearable.

Apps/Software February 19, 2019

Android Q Will Kill The Back Button In Favor Of A Swiping Gesture

Newly unearthed code for Android Q suggests that Google is retiring the back button for good. Given the company’s messy implementation at the moment, that might not be an easy task.

Apps/Software February 19, 2019

Gmail’s Right-Click Menu Is Getting More Options For Easier Email Management

Google finally gives Gmail’s right-click menu some neat functions. Previously, right clicking on Gmail only allows a user to archive, mark as unread, or delete an email, but the latest upgrade adds more than just three options.

Google February 12, 2019

Google Maps AR Navigation Is Now Available To Some Users

For those who have a weak sense of direction, there’s now an AR-powered Google Map. Currently being tested by a select number of people, the new feature uses a phone’s camera to find a user’s exact location.

Google February 11, 2019

Dark Mode Coming To Google Chrome For Android

Version 73 of Chrome Beta now includes Dark Mode, but it’s not well-implemented at the moment. Perhaps a more sophisticated iteration is due when it potentially launches for regular Chrome later on.

Apps/Software February 11, 2019

Google’s New Job Listing Could Mean It’s Finally Making A Smartwatch

Google might be on to something: this time, it could be making a smartwatch. Current job listings at the company’s Careers site point out to this possibility.

Wearable Tech February 9, 2019

Google's Adiantum Lets Even Cheap Android Smartphones Get Encryption

Google is unveiling its new form of encryption called Adiantum. It's designed to work with even low-end smartphones, computers, and the like without slowing them down and making them unusable.

Google February 7, 2019

Google's Live Transcribe, Sound Amplifier Android Apps Help Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing People: Here's How

Google has unwrapped two new Android apps for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Called Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, these accessibility features can help people with hearing loss in daily interactions and the like.

Google February 4, 2019

Remember Inbox? Google Might Be Bringing Some Of Its Features Over To Gmail

Gmail is set to receive more features lifted from Inbox soon. Fan favorites such as reminders, pinned messages, and bundled categories, are rumored to be coming over.

Google February 4, 2019

Verily Is Making Smart Shoes That Can Measure Weight And Detect Falls

Alphabet’s Verily has a new project that focuses on weight and movement tracking. Reports say that the company has been in talks with possible partners that can help launch its smart shoes.

Wearable Tech February 2, 2019

Google+ Shutting Down On April 2: Here’s How To Download Your Data

Google has now confirmed that it will delete everything on Google+ beginning April 2. Here’s how to download your data before everything goes away for good.

Google January 31, 2019

Google+ Shutting Down On April 2: Here’s How To Download Your Data

Google has now confirmed that it will delete everything on Google+ beginning April 2. Here’s how to download your data before everything goes away for good.

Google January 31, 2019

Gmail For Android, iOS Gets Material Theme Redesign - Still No Dark Mode, Though

Google is giving the mobile version of Gmail a Material Theme redesign. Android and iOS users can expect the update to arrive in the coming weeks.

Google January 29, 2019

Chrome OS Instant Tethering Now Works With Other Android Phones

Chromebook users might soon be able to use the Instant Tethering feature with other non-Google Android phones. Currently, Instant Tethering only works with Nexus and Pixel phones.

Gadgets January 29, 2019

Pixel 3's Latest Ad Picks On iPhone's Low-Light Capabilities

Google has once again proven its flagship phone’s power when it comes to taking quality images. In an ad, the company highlights a camera feature that sets the Pixel 3 apart from the 'Phone X.'

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 28, 2019

Google Might Be Working On Face ID Feature For Android Q

A feature similar to Face ID might be on the next major version of Android Q. If true, this will help phone manufacturers in a lot of ways.

Google January 28, 2019

Someone Cracked The Google I/O Puzzle: Event Starts May 7

A developer solved Google’s cryptic post about this year’s I/O, which will apparently take place in May. Google chief Sundar Pichai later on confirmed the event details.

Google January 26, 2019

Google Donates Millions, Machine Learning Tools To Wikipedia

To help expand free access to knowledge, Google is donating $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation. Machine learning and other tools will also be provided to make more diverse Wikipedia content.

Internet January 23, 2019

Google's Phishing Quiz Wants To Teach You How To Avoid Phishing Scams

Google's Jigsaw unit published a phishing quiz online to teach users how to spot phishing emails. It's designed with the latest tricks and techniques that cybercriminals use nowadays

Google January 22, 2019

Google Fined Nearly $57 Million For Violating GDPR In France

France's CNIL slapped Google with nearly $57 million fine for violating Europe’s new data privacy rules. It is the biggest GDPR fine issued since the regulations took effect in May last year.

Google January 22, 2019

Android Q Might Give Carriers More Ways To Lock Your Phone

The next version of Android won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Code commits reveal that Android Q will give carriers the ability to lock phones on certain networks, apparently.

Apps/Software January 22, 2019

Get $150 Off The Pixel 3 Or Pixel 3 XL On Google Store And Google Fi

Google is once again giving away discounts for the latest Pixel phones. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are now up for sale on Google Store at $150 off the original price.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 21, 2019

Google May Be Trying To Save Wear OS By Buying Fossil

While Google Wear OS got the biggest chunk of the wearable tech market in 2018, the giant tech firm needs a champion that could reach tech enthusiasts. According to Fossil, the $40 million deal with Google is expected to close in January.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2019

Fake Android GPS Apps Plaguing Play Store Just Put Ads Over Google Maps

There's a rise of fake Android GPS apps in the Play Store. With over 50 million downloads, these apps simply play an ad and run Google Maps.

Apps/Software January 18, 2019

Google Is Ditching Apps Requiring Call And SMS Permissions

Google is kicking out apps asking for a user's messaging and call data from its Play Store. App developers are now asked to either republish an updated version or resubmit their apps for review.

Security January 17, 2019

Google Fi Finally Gets RCS Messaging Support, Faster 4G LTE Coverage

RCS is now on Google Fi. That and faster 4G LTE speeds for users who roam, which makes Fi one of the best mobile virtual network operators out there.

Google January 15, 2019

Google Kills Its Chromecast Audio: What Was It For Again?

With smart speakers being fairly affordable these days, the Chromecast Audio has lost its place in the market. No surprise that Google finally decided to let it go.

Google January 12, 2019

6-Year-Old Girl Wins Doodle For Google Contest

Google named the lucky winner for the 2018 Doodle for Google contest on its official YouTube channel. Sarah Gomez-Lane, a 6-year-old girl from Virginia. bagged the coveted prize of $30,000 college scholarship fund.

Google January 9, 2019

Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode Serves As Real-Time Conversation Translator

It was announced during the CES 2019 that Google Assistant will be having additional upgrades, including the Interpreter Mode. This feature lets users translate conversation in real-time.

CES 2019 January 9, 2019

Google Expects Google Assistant To Be On 1 Billion Devices By End Of January

Google revealed on Monday it is expecting the Google Assistant to be on 1 billion devices by the end of the month. The number is far more than the 100 million devices with Amazon's Alexa on board.

Google January 9, 2019

Google Going Down Disney Theme Park Route With Massive 18,000-Square-Foot CES Booth

Google appeared to outdo itself at CES 2019 with an interactive ride similar to a Disney theme park for the participants. The tech company's massive booth will also feature a mini-restaurant, gumball machine, and more.

Google January 8, 2019

Samsung Bixby Is About To Get A Lot Of Google Integrations

Bixby will work with a lot of new tech partners down the line, including Google. Expect integrations for Google’s main apps soon, including YouTube, Gmail, and many others.

Apps/Software January 8, 2019

Apple Mocks Android’s Security Issues At CES 2019 With A Massive Billboard

Apple is a regular absentee from each CES event. This time, however, it decided to make an appearance by putting up a billboard that mocks Android and its many security issues.

Apple January 7, 2019

Google Chrome For Windows 10 To Get Dark Mode: Here’s How To Enable It Now

A newly uncovered bug report suggests that Google will also be bringing native Dark Mode support to Google Chrome on Windows 10. It will be trailing the macOS version, though.

Google January 4, 2019

Google Confirms Fuchsia Will Be Able To Run Android Apps

Google is clearly working on bringing Android Runtime environment to its new operating system called Fuchsia. Speculations suggest the tech company would officially announce Fuchsia this year.

Google January 3, 2019

Google Is Going To Fix Terrible Lag Issues On Chrome OS Tablets

The Pixel Slate has performance and lag problems, especially while in tablet mode. Fortunately, Google might be working on a simple fix, but a rollout schedule remains unclear.

Google January 2, 2019

FCC Approves Google Project Soli: What To Know About This Advanced Motion-Sensing Device

The FCC has given Google the go-signal to use advanced motion-sensing devices aboard aircraft. These sensors, part of Project Soli, must still comply with aviation rules, however.

Google January 2, 2019

Android Messages Will Fight Spam In Your Texts

The default Messages app on Android is getting a new Spam Protection feature. It’s not clear how the feature works, but it should help users deal with unwanted spam texts going forward.

Google December 29, 2018

Pixel 3 Lite And Pixel 3 XL Lite Reportedly Coming To Verizon In 2019

Google might release the rumored Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite on Verizon this 2019. The devices are reportedly low-cost versions of Google’s premium flagships.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 28, 2018

Google Chrome Users Stuck With New UI, And They're Not Happy

After Chrome version 71 rolled out, users found that they can't change back the UI to the old one anymore. Now they're up in arms about it.

Google December 27, 2018

Samsung To Take On Google’s Night Sight Feature With ‘Bright Night’ Camera Mode

Bright Night, rumored to be a carbon copy of Google’s Night Sight feature on the Pixel 3, is coming to the next Galaxy flagship. Get ready to take awesome images even under low-light situations with your Samsung phone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 21, 2018

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