Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Will Send Owners Smartphone Notifications With A Precise Location To Bring Lost Pets Home Safely


Our pets are more than just adorable animals to curl up with, they are family members. Thanks to technology, we no longer have to worry about not being connected to them when we aren't home.

Using GPS-tracking technology, we can easily find our missing iPhones or keep track our our children by downloading apps like Find My Kids or Family Tracker. So, it only makes sense that we protect our fur babies just the same.

Perfect for your cat who likes to dart out of the house each time you open the door, or your dog that always finds a way of escaping the backyard, Whistle GPS Pet Tracker will send owners a smartphone notification any time their pet is away from home.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is a device that attaches to your dog or cat's collar or harness up to one-inch wide. It's rated IP6, meaning it's waterproof and durable, so it can still work during a rainy walk in the park or at the beach, and weighs only 1.3 ounces, making it lightweight to not bother your pet. It also has a rechargeable battery that takes only an hour to charge.

Pet owners download the accompanying app to set a "safe zone," whether that is your home or office, and any time your pet leaves these perimeters, the app will automatically send a text, email or in-app alert to reveal your pet's whereabouts.

While many pet owners may use microchips, using this way to ID your pet is only beneficial if the dog or cat is found by a shelter or vet. What about the ones who aren't rescued?

Whistle removes the anxiety owners face when worrying about their pet running off, settling fears that they won't return. With 10 million dogs reported missing each year, this device can help increase the amount of pups and kitties that safety make it home.

The Whistle app uses GPS technology to provide the precise location of a pet's whereabouts. That means any time the owner opens the app, they can see where their loyal companion is. If they are notified that the pet left the safe zone, they will be able to see exactly where to find their fury friend.

Along with using the GPS functionality, the Whistle app also allows pet owners to track and manage their cat or dog's health. They can add notes and receive reminders about their pet's medications, see their activity, sleep and trends for that particular breed.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker retails for $79.95, and can be purchased on the company's website or Amazon. Pet owners will also have to pay for a service plan that ranges from $6.95 to $9.95 per month.

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