Today, millions of people, including consumers, technology enthusiasts and journalists, will be turning their attention to the Apple event, which is scheduled to kick off at 10am PT.

This is the time of the year when Apple releases a refreshed version of its popular tablet, the iPad and this year's going to be no different. 

The technology giant is expected to unveil the latest version of iPad (dubbed iPad 5) as well as the second generation iPad mini. Rumors have it that iPad 5 will boast a better camera, a more powerful processor (probably 64-bit A7 chip), TouchID (like in iPhone 5s) and a slimmer bezel. iPad mini (2nd gen.) is expected to come with Retina display.

If you are eager to watch Tim Cook in action (we do, however, miss the more animated Steve Jobs), you're in luck because the Apple event will be live-streamed. However, to watch this event, you'll need Safari 4 brower (or later) on OS X v10.6 (or later), if you're watching via your Mac. And, if you're watching via iDevice, you'll need to make sure it runs on iOS 4.2 (or later).

The event can also be watched on Apple TV (second or third generation) with software 5.0.2 or later.

Other announcements expected are debut of OS X Mavericks(which was previewed in June), an MacBook Pros with Retina Displays and new Intel Haswell chip, and probably a smart cover that incorporates a keyboard. 

Stay tuned.

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