Drink Responsibly: Have A Beer And Help Save The Great Barrier Reef


When someone asks you if any good comes from drinking a cold beer, you may now say that enjoying a brewski can actually help save the environment - given it's a Great Barrier Beer.

This is possible because of James Grugeon, who founded The Good Beer Company and partnered with Bargara Brewing Company to create a craft beer to raise funds to conserve The Great Barrier Reef.

Grugeon launched the Great Barrier Beer on Nov. 25 and explained that The Good Beer Co. aims to donate at least half of its profits to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to save Australia's iconic reef system and it wants you to be a part of the movement as you enjoy quality craft beers.

The Great Barrier Beer is dubbed as "Australia's very first social enterprise beer" and production will start when The Good Beer Co. reaches its goal of A$100,000 ($72,194.99) in funds. Its Indiegogo site shows that 50 people have pledged A$2,350 ($1,696.58) in 24 hours from when it was launched.

"Not that I want to encourage irresponsible drinking but some people have said to me that they could imagine drinkers saying 'just one more' and because our beer goes towards something good they'll say 'go on, why not," Grugeon said in an interview.

It seems that The Good Beer Co. won't be stopping with the Great Barrier Beer because the company's aim really isn't just to create its own beers but to spread awareness as well as incorporate social responsibility. In short, its goal is to produce and sell quality craft beers to benefit charities and it does so by partnering with microbreweries and pairing each of them with a charity partner so that every specialized beer's profits are shared with a specific charitable institution.

"If we can take people on a journey generally understanding the issues towards the need to protecting the reef then that's a really positive thing," Grugeon said about Great Barrier Beer. "If I can create through this beer a way that they have a more sustainable future then that's got to be something that's worth doing," he added.

Grugeon also wrote in the Indiegogo page that everyone who will sign up or back their campaign will receive member rights, which means they get to vote on the brew, label and charitable causes for the succeeding beers it will produce.

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