Talk about a partnership made in corporate heaven.

On Monday, Brookstone announced a partnership with Indiegogo aimed to develop and deliver crowdfunded products to the masses more quickly than ever before.

The partnership makes perfect sense, considering Brookstone's reputation for innovation with its products and Indiegogo being a platform for inventions and new products. The way the deal will work is Indiegogo campaigns can now submit their ideas directly to Brookstone's partner page on Brookstone will especially favor products that fall in areas that they already key in on, such as technology, wellness, home and travel.

Brookstone will then grant select campaigners access to design, manufacture, package and work their products up the production line to be sold at its store locations. Brookstone says that, as part of the partnership, it will have "Funded with Indiegogo" sections of items designated at the stores as well.

The partnership has produced its first items — Cat Ear Headphones with built-in lighting and Fizzics, a personal beer dispenser. The Cat Ear Headphones had raised upwards of $3.4 million via its Indiegogo campaign, while Fizzics raised more than $200,000 prior to each being packaged and sold at Brookstone.

Needless to say, Brookstone and Indiegogo could not be happier about the partnership.

"Engineering, packaging, retail and wholesale distribution — these are the things at which Brookstone is expert," Tom Via, CEO of Brookstone, said in a company press release. "The job of the Brookstone Launch program is to speed up development and delivery time, and to help Indiegogo campaigners realize the most opportunities from their ideas."

Added Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin: "Indiegogo is a one-stop-shop for makers, entrepreneurs and startups to introduce, fund and test the market for their products. By partnering with Brookstone, we're now also able to offer access to development, manufacturing and distribution services that successful campaigners may need as they move from idea to reality."


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