The OnePlus X smartphone that recently made its debut is now getting a new update, receiving the OxygenOS 2.1.3 version over the air (OTA).

OnePlus made a name for itself by launching the "flagship killer" OnePlus One smartphone back in 2014, offering high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of rival devices with similar specs. It then followed up with the OnePlus 2 this year, also dubbed as a "flagship killer" and, more recently, the OnePlus X smartphone built with affordability in mind.

Although it doesn't come at the high-end segment of the smartphone market, the OnePlus X stirred plenty of interest and the latest update will likely make it even more appealing.

In a new company blog post, OnePlus officially announced that it started rolling out OxygenOS 2.1.3 OTA for its OnePlus X. The new update aims to improve the user experience with the smartphone's SD card, but it also brings some security patches, general optimizations and bug fixes to the table.

"We've heard your feedback and have spent some time focusing on improving the user experience for SD card. We are not done yet so please expect more updates and feature additions to come in the next couple of OTAs," the company announced.

According to the blog post, the new OxygenOS 2.1.3 includes improvements in user experience and exFAT card support, the ability to move apps to the SD card or back to the phone's storage, and fixes the rebooting issue that occurred when users removed the SD card in an active state.

As always with OTA packages, the update is rolling out in stages and may take a while to reach all devices. In this case, the process will be even more gradual, as only 10 percent of users will get it at first. OnePlus notes that it wants to roll out the update to a small percentage of users initially so it can check whether the OTA system is working as it should.

"We usually open up OTAs to the general public 24-48 hours after the initial release if all goes well," explained the company.

This update follows the one from earlier this month, which brought OxygenOS 2.1.2 for the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2. That update improved the OnePlus X camera app, increased OTA stability, added system optimizations for low battery states, and included the usual mix of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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