Lenovo Partners With Razer To Produce A New Range Of Gaming Computers


It seems as though Lenovo is getting serious about gaming computers, and has announced a partnership with Razer that will see the production of a new range of co-branded gaming PCs, with the first series being a modified version of Lenovo's Y series that was shown off at IFA in September.

The first prototype of the new range of Razer Edition Lenovo PCs is on show at the Dreamhack Winter LAN party in Sweden, but the two companies say they plan on extending their partnership into the development of a full range of computers.

The prototype looks much like other Razer computers, with Razer's signature red highlights being changed to a green color. The partnership will extend beyond simple aesthetics, however, with Lenovo saying that future gaming computers will take cues from Razer's software expertise, such as a full suite of tools for optimizing and managing games. Lenovo is, of course, also hoping that Razer's rather large fan base will take to the new computers.

According to Lenovo spokesperson Victor Rios, while the rest of the PC market is slowly falling, gaming is a segment of the PC market that's growing. This, of course, makes it a very interesting segment for the company to enter as Lenovo, along with companies like Acer and Asus, is betting big on gaming.

The new PCs will be aimed at combining the specs that gamers would want with the convenience of not having to hunt down the individual parts for themselves and take into account the design choices that gamers might make.

The first computers to be announced through partnership will launch at CES 2016 next month, and will be followed by more releases throughout the year. It's important to mention that while Razer isn't exclusively partnering with Lenovo, it certainly seems as though the partnership will be a significant focus for Razer for now.

Via: The Verge

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