Bungie's Destiny isn't exactly known for its high-quality storytelling. Most of the game's more interesting tales come in completely optional grimoire cards, which are relegated to Bungie's website and the Destiny companion app.

As a result, it's safe to say that more than a few players haven't discovered some of the cool stories tucked away outside of the game proper. Thankfully, one fan is changing that by bringing one of Destiny's best side stories to life in comic form.

Professional illustrator Tyler Champion has taken the story from the "Ghost Fragment: Fallen" grimoire card (written by sci-fi author Seth Dickinson) and adapted it into a work of art. The comic shines some light on the backstory of Cayde-6, the Hunter vanguard in Destiny voiced by Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame. 

While patrolling the moon, Cayde-6 finds himself surrounded by an army of Hive. Running for his life, he takes shelter in a crashed ship, only to find an exiled Fallen making her last stand against the legions of Hive Thralls and Knights. Together the two enemies unite to fend off the army of monsters, but we won't spoil everything that happens. You'll just have to check it out for yourself. 

Champion modified the story, as he explains in a post on the Destiny subreddit.

"I changed a bit of the story to shorten it, mainly taking out Cayde climbing the hill to an antenna array," Champion writes in his post. "I dig the back story and lore of the game and wish they would do a comic, or novels, or something."

If official Destiny comics turned out to be as high quality as this fan piece, seems safe to say that far more players would finally dig into the game's lore and backstory. Not to point out the obvious, Bungie, but Champion looks like the perfect guy for the job. 

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