There's no denying that the way we listen to music continues to change. While some opt to stream their music on popular platforms like Apple Music or Spotify, others choose to go the more vintage route by picking up vinyl records. While this may make you think twice about throwing out your iPod or dare we even say your old CD player in hopes it makes a hipster comeback, those with a rare Nintendo console will be able to listen to a new chiptune album that is bringing back the sounds of some classic video games.

Called "8-bit Music Power," the album comes in cartridge form and is made only for the Japanese version of the NES called Nintendo Famicom.

Developed by RIKI and Japanese video game accessory manufactured by Columbus Circle, the soundtrack of the 8-bit era in video games includes 12 original songs from games like NES's Star Solider and Apes Escapes, which launched on the original PlayStation, as well as tracks from composers Hiroaki Sano, Masahiro Kajihara and Prof. Sakamoto.

Along with music, "8-bit Music Power" features pixelated visuals that serve almost like music videos, and some even feature mini games.

The album made only for Nintendo Famicom will only be released in Japan through Amazon for 3,800 yen, the equivalent of $30.

The Wall Street Journal reports that only "several thousand copies" will be made, so if you happen to have a Famicom, then you should probably try to order one for your console.

"8-bit Music Power" will be released on Jan. 31.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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