Rooster Teeth's Hit Animated Series 'RWBY' Is Now A Game On Steam Early Access


The third season of Rooster Teeth's animated series RWBY is now in full swing, but there is plenty more action for fans to experience thanks to the release of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Steam Early Access.

After climbing its way through Steam Greenlight, the game is now available on Steam for $14.99 at part of Valve's Early Access program. Development on the game will continue in the coming months, with new features, levels and additional polish being added over time. Those who purchase the game now will save some cash in the long run, as the developers at Rooster Teeth Games say RWBY: Grimm Eclipse will go up in price as more content is added.

Based upon the hit show, RWBY: Grim Eclipse is a four player cooperative game in the same vein of Dynasty Warriors, as players take control of Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang to fight hordes of the creatures known as Grimm. The game features a brand-new storyline, new Grimm enemy types as well as an all new villain. RPG elements are also a key part of the game, as players can fine tune their favorite character's fighting style through a unique skill tree system with the experience points earned in battle.

The Early Access version of the game includes one full campaign consisting of four levels, with the plan currently being to add two additional campaigns in the months to come. Rooster Teeth Games says the game's current development schedule is to have the game leave Early Access in its finished form within the next 8-10 months.

Early reviews are coming in from fans trying the game out, and so far RWBY diehards will likely get a kick out of it. The voice actors from the show reprise their roles here, and the animation style perfectly captures the look and feel of the animated series.

While some of the user reviews say there are a few bugs and some of the game's systems aren't fully fleshed out, it's to be expected for a game in Early Access. Buying a product still in development is always a risk, but RWBY fans will definitly want to keep this title on their radar in the months ahead.

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