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Valve Apologizes To Capcom, Street Fighter V Fans For Reveal Trailer Leak

The 'Street Fighter V' character reveal trailer was accidentally leaked on Steam earlier this week ahead of Evo 2019. Valve deemed itself responsible and apologized to Capcom and the gaming community for what happened.

Video Games August 4, 2019

Steam Chat App Now Available On iOS And Android: Can It Take On Discord?

Now on iOS and Android, Steam Chat occupies a space dominated at present by Discord. It’s still lacking a number of features, but Valve promises to keep improving it over time.

Apps/Software May 22, 2019

Valve Index VR Headset Now Official: Specs, Price, And Release Date

The specs, price, and release date of the Valve Index have finally been announced. From the look of things, Valve's virtual reality headset will take the competition by storm, if its cost doesn't put off users.

Wearable Tech May 1, 2019

Valve Index VR Headset Arrives This June, Preorders Start May 1: Here Are The Rumored Specs

The Valve Index will be unveiled on May 1, with preorders starting that day. It will come out June 15, according to its product page that went live a little too early.

Wearable Tech April 2, 2019

Rumor Confirmed: Valve Index Arrives May 2019

The Valve Index, due to come out this May, is set to complete with the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. Not much is known at the moment beyond its release date, name, and first official image.

Video Games March 30, 2019

Valve Lays Off 13 Employees Including Engineers Working In VR

Valve has fired 13 employees who were believed to be working as part of its VR team. The gaming company, however, said the layoffs do not represent major changes within the company.

Wearable Tech March 8, 2019

Valve Won’t Release ‘Rape Day’ On Steam, Says It 'Poses Unknown Costs And Risks'

'Rape Day' is pulled from Steam after receiving negative feedback earlier this week. Valve says that the game, which glorifies rape, 'poses unknown costs and risks.'

Video Games March 7, 2019

Steam's Video Section Gets 'Retired' As Valve Moves To 'Refocus' On Gaming-Related Content

Valve has started to 'refocus' its efforts on gaming-related content, but it's removing Steam's Video section as a result. Video content won't exactly disappear from the platform, though.

Video Games February 20, 2019

Metro Exodus Becomes Epic Games Store Exclusive After Exiting Steam, And Valve Says That's Not Fair

Epic Games will be offering 'Metro Exodus' exclusively starting Feb. 15 until 2020. Preorders made through Steam will still be honored, and customers may still download future DLC.

Video Games January 29, 2019

Epic Games Store Now Poaching Exclusives From Steam

The digital store war has begun. Epic Games is duking it out with Steam by poaching new titles and making them exclusives or timed exclusives on its new games store.

Video Games December 11, 2018

Valve Launches Twitch Competitor Steam TV: Everything You Need To Know

Valve is set to release a new streaming service that could potentially be the biggest rival of Twitch. The Steam TV launch is expected to coincide with The International tournament, one of the biggest eSports competitions in the world.

Video Games August 18, 2018

Counter-Strike: GO Brings Back The Versatile, Affordable, And Iconic MP5

The iconic MP5 has returned to 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' following huge demands for its comeback. The MP5 will return as MP5-SD as a cheaper option to the MP7.

Video Games August 18, 2018

Discord Will Start Selling Games: Watch Out, Steam

Discord has now announced plans to start selling games. The move comes after Steam rolled out its own Chat platform, which was released to rival Discord’s robust gaming communities.

Internet August 10, 2018

'Artifact' Release Date, Price Unveiled: 1st New Valve Game In 5 Years Combines 'Dota 2' And 'Magic: The Gathering'

Valve revealed the 'Artifact' release date and price on Steam, hyping up the digital card game. It has been described as a combination of 'Dota 2' and 'Magic: The Gathering,' but how does it compare to 'Hearthstone?'

Video Games August 4, 2018

Steam Finally Rolls Out Its Discord Rival, Proving It's Greatly Threatened By The Chat App

Because most players using Discord as a social chat app, it has become a great threat to Steam, which owns the biggest PC marketplace in the world. Thus, in an attempt to get those players, it’s offering a clone.

Video Games July 25, 2018

Future VR Headsets Will Only Need 1 USB-C Cable, To End The Problem Of Tangled Wires

A consortium made up of virtual reality rivals such as Oculus, Valve, Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia worked together to create the VirtualLink specification. The technology will look to solve the tangled wires problem of VR headsets.

Gadgets July 19, 2018

Valve Will Launch Its Own Steam Spy Replacement That Will Be 'More Accurate And More Useful'

Valve is working on a 'more accurate and more useful' replacement for Steam Spy. The Steam sales tracker was forced to shut down in April due to new privacy settings that blocked access to user profiles on Steam.

Video Games July 3, 2018

Valve Overhauls Steam Chat, And Now It's Just Like Discord

Valve released a new chat system for Steam with a host of new Discord-inspired features. These features include customizable friends lists, group chat, voice chat, an invisible mode, and more.

Video Games June 14, 2018

Just Cause 4 Leaks Thanks To Early Advertisement On Steam

Steam just leaked 'Just Cause 4,' apparently. The game, which appeared last month in Walmart Canada’s website, was likely to be announced properly at this year’s E3.

Video Games June 8, 2018

Valve Will Now Allow 'Everything' On Steam, It Will Stop Policing Content Unless It's Illegal

Valve announced that it will begin to allow everything to go up on its Steam store. It has decided that this approach to allow 'everything' is what is best for the Steam store.

Video Games June 7, 2018

New App Store Rules Open iOS To Valve's Steam Link, Other Remote Mirroring Apps

New App Store rules may mean that Valve's Steam Link will soon arrive to the iOS. The remote mirroring app will be allowed as long as Steam purchases are processed on desktop PCs, not on iPhones or iPads.

Apple June 6, 2018

Valve Removes Controversial Game 'Active Shooter' From Steam, But For The Wrong Reason

Valve finally removed controversial school shooting simulator 'Active Shooter' from Steam. Valve, however, appears to have made the move for the wrong reason, signaling a wider issue with the digital distribution platform.

Video Games May 31, 2018

Valve Says Apple Rejected Its Steam Link iOS App Because Of 'Business Conflicts'

Apple blocked the Steam Link app's release on the iOS App Store. According to Valve, it was because of business conflicts with the app guidelines.

Apps/Software May 29, 2018

Active Shooter, A School Shooting Video Game, Faces Backlash For Obvious Reasons

'Active Shooter' functions as a school shooting simulator, drawing immense controversy after the series of school shootings this year. The game, which is facing massive backlash, is set to launch on Steam on June 6.

Video Games May 28, 2018

Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games To iOS And Android Devices

Valve announced the Steam Link app, which will allow players to stream Steam games to iOS and Android devices. The app, which will support the Steam Controller and MFi controllers, will launch on the week of May 21.

Video Games May 10, 2018

Steam Beta Now Supports Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The latest update made to Steam Beta adds compatibility with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Users can now configure and use the accessory to play PC games via Valve's platform

Video Games May 4, 2018

Game Devs Cry Over Steam Spy's Demise, While Others Celebrate

Steam recently updated its privacy settings, which rendered Steam Spy's data gathering methods inoperative. The move garnered negative reactions from developers who were using Steam Spy's data, but it also earned the respect of some.

Video Games April 12, 2018

Steam's New Privacy Settings Update Causes Steam Spy To Shut Down

Steam Spy announced that it is shutting down its operations after Valve made some changes to Steam’s privacy settings. The new profile privacy options allow users to control who can view their game details.

Apps/Software April 11, 2018

Valve Nixes Steam Machines Section From Its Marketplace: Is Valve’s Hardware Business In Trouble?

Valve finally pulls the Steam Machines section off its marketplace. The lineup of devices, which aimed to serve as PC alternatives, never did make much sense.

Video Games April 3, 2018

SteamVR's Auto-Resolution Feature To Adjust VR Experience To Your GPU

Valve confirmed that SteamVR will feature an auto-resolution option for users. The setting will automatically detect the GPU's capability and adjust the VR headset's resolution accordingly.

Apps/Software March 15, 2018

Valve Reveals More Details For Its 'DOTA 2'-Based Card Game 'Artifact'

A new card game developed by Valve is scheduled to come out later this year. 'Artifact' will feature elements from 'DOTA 2' and will be a paid game instead of a free-to-play.

Video Games March 11, 2018

Valve Cuts Ties With Insel Games: CEO Forced Employees To Leave Fake Reviews On Steam

Valve took down the whole library of Insel Games on Steam after evidence surfaced that the developer's CEO forced employees to leave fake reviews for 'Wild Buster,' its latest title. Publishers planting reviews on their own game violates Steam policies.

Video Games February 15, 2018

Counter-Strike Cocreator Jess Cliffe Arrested Over Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

Reports confirmed that Jess Cliffe, 'Counter-Strike' cocreator, was apparently arrested just recently. According to sources, he was allegedly charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

Video Games February 3, 2018

Steam Awards 2017 Winners: 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,' 'The Witcher 3,' 'Cuphead' Among Awardees

Winners of Valve’s Steam Awards 2017 have been revealed and listed as top winners are 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,' 'The Witcher 3,' and 'Cuphead.' The Steam Awards is known for giving out unique titles such as 'Mom’s Spaghetti,' and 'Suspension of Disbelief.'

January 7, 2018

Steam Winter Sale 2017 Now Online: Enjoy Big Discounts For Games Like 'Elite Dangerous' And 'Dark Souls III'

The Steam Winter Sale 2017 is finally upon us, offering discounts of up to 75 percent for titles such as 'Elite Dangerous' and 'Dark Souls III'. The sale is not just all about the games though.

Video Games December 22, 2017

You Can't Buy Steam Games With Bitcoin Anymore

Steam no longer supports Bitcoin, meaning you can't buy games on the platform with the cryptocurrency anymore. Valve says it's because of the 'volatility' and increasing transaction fees of the virtual money.

Video Games December 7, 2017

'Portal' Returns With 'Bridge Constructor: Portal': GLaDOS Is Back Too In The Physics-Based Puzzler

The 'Portal' franchise returns with 'Bridge Constructor: Portal', which will be released for the PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices on Dec. 20. The new puzzler is not 'Portal 3', but it does bring back the villainous AI GlaDOS.

Video Games December 7, 2017

The Steam Halloween Sale Is Finally Here: Let's Take A Look At The Best Deals

Valve has launched the Steam Halloween Sale, which will run until Nov. 1. Among the best deals are 50 percent off for 'Friday the 13th: The Game' and 80 percent off for the 'Five Nights at Freddy's' franchise bundle.

Video Games October 26, 2017

Steam Digital Gift Cards Are Finally Available: Here's How They Work

Valve has finally released Steam digital gift cards, just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season and the three leaked Steam sales. Here's what the gift cards are all about and how they work.

Video Games October 26, 2017

When Is The Next Steam Sale? Dates For Halloween, Autumn And Winter Sales Leaked

The dates for the next three Steam sales have been leaked and confirmed. PC gamers can now prepare their wallets for the Steam Halloween Sale, the Steam Autumn Sale, and the Steam Winter Sale.

Video Games October 21, 2017

Valve’s Solution To Review Bombing On Steam Is To Add Histograms: How Will It Help?

Review bombing, the act of ganging up on a game by giving it negative reviews, has become a huge problem on Steam. Valve thinks it can fix it by adding review histograms, but how?

Video Games September 20, 2017

Windows Mixed Reality Will Plunge You Into VR For As Low As $399, With Steam Support And New 'Halo' Game

Microsoft revealed that its upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets will bring virtual reality technology to homes for as low as $399. The platform will host the next 'Halo' game, and will also support Steam VR content.

Microsoft August 29, 2017

There Were More Players On 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Than 'DOTA 2' On Steam: Here's Why That's Impressive

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' reached a peak player count of nearly 880,000 users, beating 'DOTA 2' and 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' on the Steam platform. Here's why the achievement is a very impressive one.

Video Games August 27, 2017

The World's Best 'DOTA 2' Players Are No Match For A Bot: What Does This Mean For The Future Of AI?

A bot created by Elon Musk-backed OpenAI dominated against Danil Ishutin, better known as Dendi, in a 1-on-1 'DOTA 2' match at The International. What does this mean for the future of AI?

Computers August 12, 2017

Valve Announced A New Game, But It's Not 'Half-Life 3': Should We Give The 'DOTA'-Based Card Game 'Artifact' A Chance?

Valve unveiled 'Artifact,' a 'DOTA'-based digital card game, at The International. Attendees, however, were disappointed, as they were expecting the announcement to be for the long-awaited 'Half-life 3.'

Video Games August 10, 2017

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