Dating sites like Match, Spark and eHarmony may pair you up with other single individuals looking to find their "Happily Ever After," but surely not all complementary personalities fit each other like a large white glove the way Mickey and Minnie Mouse complete each other. went live last Dec. 1, and finally, Disney lovers now have a go-to dating site that allows them to find fellow Disney lovers.

It may sound goofy but it's no joke that a dating site like it exists and you don't have to take our word for it either because you can check it out for yourself.

"Traditional internet dating sites don't understand the passion people have for all things Disney. But we do," the site explains. It's not a local range either because the site is open to all Disney fans all over the world.

Hold on a minute before you click "Join Now" because we're not just talking about loving Disney characters, cartoons and products. When Disney fans say "love," they really mean it and not just in a "I found prince charming and we'll get married now and live happily ever after" kind of way, but the "I wear Mickey Mouse pajamas and mouse ears to sleep and 'Once Upon a Dream' is my lullaby" type of love. It's totally understandable that Disney lovers would want their own dating site because opposites may attract, but the intensity and depth of (Disney) love that bonds two people together is more powerful and lasting.

Dave Tavres, the person responsible for, created the magical dating site because he was not satisfied with the algorithms of other sites and applications. "All the normal sites don't have Disney questions... I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am," he said in an interview.

Now Prince Charming will be able to find his Cinderella, Naveen his Tiana, Milo Thatch his Kida, Ray his Evangeline, Mike Wazowski his Celia, and, well, we're sure you understand where this is going if you're a true Disney fan. You can view user profiles for free, but you can only get in touch with a fellow Disney lover who can be a potential Disney lover when you become a member and pay the $12.55 monthly fee.

So if, as a Disney fan, you're worried about your "Arabian Days and Arabian nights" like romantic prospects, "you must be swift as a coursing river" to find your match and, who knows... you might just have a Huey, Louie and Dewey of your own in your future.

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