The coming year will keep dedicated gamers on their toes while waiting for certain releases, and Dark Souls 3 is one strong candidate to the "most anticipated game" title.

The new gameplay trailer, however, comes paired with a launch date for the latest RPG title from the series. Rumors stated that Dark Souls 3 will close the circle started with Dark Souls, allowing FromSoftware to focus on other projects.

Until recently, information was scarce on the company's plans regarding the next installment of Dark Souls, but all this changed recently.

During the Game Awards 2015, Bandai Namco announced when developing company FromSoftware will release Dark Souls 3: April 12, 2016.

The announcement underlined that the game will launch simultaneously on multiple platforms. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players will get their hands on the title at the same time, saving the latter the frustration of waiting for the Steam release of the game. The several months' delay between the console launch and the PC release is a memory no gamer wishes to relive.

Aside from the release date, the developing company showcased the future gameplay of Dark Souls 3 in an awe-inspiring new trailer. The environment where the action will take place is quite similar to another gloomy setting crafted by FromSoftware, the city of Yharnam from Bloodborne.

The video showcases a few breathtaking action scenes and the places where they will happen, and has enough promising epicness to guarantee that the third installment of Dark Souls will be on par with the previous ones.

"As the fire fades / Darkness has spread / And only embers remain / Embrace the Darkness," reads the text insertion from the trailer.

Some argued that the mysterious, ominous lines might hint at the fact that the champion will usher in the Age of Dark. Another plausible interpretation is that the main character is about to hunt down the Lords of Cinder. Will the Age of Fire reign supreme, or will the ashes cool down?

We expect the answers to jump out of Dark Souls 3's shadows as soon as the game goes live in spring next year. Until then, enjoy the new gameplay footage below.

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