Sony has announced a number of games for the PlayStation VR at the PlayStation Experience event and Rez Infinite is one of them.

Sega initially released Rez in Japan for Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) in 2001. The game also made way to the U.S. and Europe in 2002. PlayStation VR, which is functional on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and on PlayStation Vita, will be getting the new game Rez Infinite in 2016.

Enhance Games, the developer of Rez Infinite, demonstrated the quality of the game at the event and revealed that the new Rez Infinite will run at a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second on a regular screen. However, the virtual reality version of the game will be more intense and will run at 120 frames per second. The high frames per second will enhance the gaming experience for gamers by giving it a very smooth feel.

The game developers are not just developing in a new version of Rez. The original game included a Trance Vibrator, which was supposed to be put in the gamer's pocket or sit on it to get an enhanced gaming experience.

Enhance Games is also developing a synesthesia body suit, which Tetsuya Mizuguchi demonstrated at the event. The body suit has a number of vibrators that get into action along with the rhythms of the game.

"Engaging all your senses was also the idea behind the original Trance Vibrator, an optional peripheral we designed to plug into PS2 and pulse along to the beat of the music and sound effects in the original Rez. Since we're now making the ultimate version of Rez with Rez Infinite, we thought, why not also make the ultimate version of the Trance Vibrator? And thus, the Synesthesia Suit was born," per a PlayStation blog.

Some gamers, who had booked a prior appointment to try the game at the event, were also given a chance to wear the body suit and immerse themselves in the upcoming game.

Either way, this is a cool idea - especially for virtual reality. Rez Infinite is going to make your feel like you are seeing inside that world, and the suit will only increase that sense of immersion.

Check out the video demo of the game as given by Enhance Games at the PlayStation Experience event.

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