Capcom seems determined to let the Mega Man franchise fizzle out of modern gaming memory. Though the Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9 certainly looks to fill the void left by the Blue Bomber, a tried-and-true Mega Man game reimagined for the current generation of gamers has yet to be seen.

If Capcom does ever make a Mega Man game using modern visuals, we can only hope it looks as great as this single recreated screen shot of Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo.

Yes, it's not a completely remastered version of the 1994 classic, but this one image is absolutely overflowing with Mega Man goodness that fans could (and should) spend hours staring at. It's a composite of an image from the Sting Chameleon Stage using various elements seen in the stage "including the Amenhopper, Armor Soldier with Ride Armor, Axe Man and Jamminger." In the image, you can see Mega Man firing a charge shot shortly after firing homing torpedoes.

Like we said before, this is truly a work of art, but works of art don't come easy. It took more than 70 hours for artist AJ Townsend to finish the recreation in Photoshop.

That's some serious dedication, but it was so worth it. Now, if only Capcom would stop releasing collections of older Mega Man games (as great as they are) and release a new, modern take on the franchise ... we'll be waiting.

You can check out high-speed video of the artist bringing the image to life below.

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