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Mighty No. 9's Credits Last Longer Than The Game Itself

After years of waiting, fans aren't happy that 'Mighty No. 9' hasn't lived up to expectations. The fact that the credits last longer than the game just adds insult to injury.

Video Games June 27, 2016

Mighty No. 9 Faces Mega Problems: Wrong Game Codes, Framerate Issue, Long Load Times And More

'Mighty No. 9' has just been made available to the public. It seems, however, that the game is currently facing a bevy of mega issues, including a framerate problem, wrong game codes, long load times and more.

Video Games June 22, 2016

'Mighty No. 9' Ended Up Looking Pretty Different From Early Concept Footage And Art

The Kickstarted 'Mega Man' successor 'Mighty No. 9' looks far different from what many fans originally dreamed the game would look like.

Video Games June 22, 2016

The Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter Account Is Throwing Some Serious Shade At 'Mighty No. 9'

The launch of 'Mighty No. 9' isn't going so hot, and Sonic's Twitter account isn't helping.

Video Games June 21, 2016

Keiji Inafune Is Getting Ahead Of Himself With Talks Of A 'Mighty No. 9' Sequel

'Mighty No. 9' might not be doing particularly well among fans and critics, but that isn't stopping creator Keiji Inafune from planning a sequel.

Video Games June 21, 2016

'Mighty No. 9' Live Stream Was More Bizarre Than The Road Leading To Its Release

The only thing more bizarre than the troubled road leading to the release of 'Mighty No. 9' was the live stream that came after the game finally arrived.

Video Games June 21, 2016

'Mighty No. 9' Developer Isn't Happy With The Game's New, Offensive Trailer

A new trailer for 'Mighty No. 9' mocks anime fans, and now, one of the game's developers is speaking out.

Video Games May 26, 2016

Best Upcoming Xbox One, PS4 And PC Games Coming June 2016: No Man's Sky, ARK: Survival Evolve, Mighty No 9 And More

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC gamers have a rich summer to look forward to. We compiled a list of the awesome titles that will see release in June, and some even come to multiple platforms.

Video Games May 16, 2016

Long-Delayed 'Mega Man' Successor 'Mighty No. 9' Finally Has A Release Date

'Mighty No. 9,' the spiritual successor to the 'Mega Man' franchise, has long been delayed. Creator Keiji Inafune, however, has stated a release date that is said to be 'set in stone.'

Video Games May 3, 2016

Capcom Online Poll Asks Fans If They Would Play A New 'Mega Man' Game

The Japanese game company is asking fans if they would be interested in playing a new entry in the 'Mega Man' franchise.

Geek April 4, 2016

Two Weeks Before Release, 'Mega Man' Successor 'Mighty No. 9' Delayed For The Third Time

If you thought you would soon be playing 'Mighty No. 9', you might need to sit down for this one.

Geek January 25, 2016

This Is What A Modern Day 'Mega Man' Game Could Look Like

One artist has reimagined what 'Mega Man X' could have looked like had it released today, and it sure is pretty.

Geek December 7, 2015

Mighty No. 9 Release Date Set Feb. 9: What To Expect From Mega Man Successor?

Mighty No. 9 gets a mighty fitting release date. Backers can try out the game much sooner.

Video Games September 28, 2015

Mighty No. 9 Demo, An Apology For Delayed Game Release, Is Also Delayed

After making fans get high with anticipation, Mega Man’s spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9 is testing their patience in every occasion.

Video Games September 18, 2015

Mega Man Creator Wants To Bring 'Red Ash' To Life And Needs Your Help To Do It

Red Ash is the spiritual successor of Mega Man Legends, the popular 3D, open-world spin-off of Mega Man. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune launched a Kickstarter page to seek funding for the project.

Video Games July 6, 2015

'Mega Man' Spiritual Successor 'Mighty No. 9' Gets First Official Trailer And A Fancy Collector's Edition

The 'Mega Man' spiritual successor will arive on Sept. 15 with digital and physical versions available for purchase.

Geek June 3, 2015

Mega Man Successor 'Mighty No. 9' Arrives Sept. 15 In North America

The creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, and his studio, comcept, agreed to a partnership with publisher Deep Silver for the distribution and development of Mighty No. 9.

Video Games April 29, 2015

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