Volvo was one of Apple's first partners when Apple launched CarPlay, but since then Volvo hasn't announced that it has implemented CarPlay into any of its cars.

Until now. Volvo announced that CarPlay is now available as an option for the 2016 XC90 crossover SUV.

CarPlay basically allows users to plug their phone into the system's USB port, at which point the infotainment system will switch to an iOS-like operating system. Users will then be able to access things like maps, music and a number of third-party apps instead of having to access these things through the phone itself.

The system is safer than using a phone because of how much it relies on voice-control and because it uses larger icons and text so that if a user does take their eyes off the road, they can see what they need with a quick glance.

CarPlay won't take up the entire display in the XC90, ensuring that the driver can still access vehicle features that use the display. Other versions of CarPlay use the entire screen, making the driver have to press additional buttons to access vehicle functions.

Those who already own the new XC90 can activate CarPlay with a quick trip to their local dealer. A software flash update will take place, which shouldn't take more than an hour. Getting CarPlay in the car, however, will come at a "small cost," according to Volvo, although the company has not said what that cost will be.

Of course, Apple's CarPlay has competition in Google's Android Auto, which is set to arrive on Volvo cars at some point in 2016.

Via: CNet

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