Rumors continue to abound over where Tesla Motors is to build a giant, $5 billion battery Gigafactory.

The electric luxury automaker announced in February that it had decided to move forward with the factory, but didn't state exactly where that would be. Now, numerous reports are suggesting that it could be heading to Nevada, but four other states are also in the running, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.

In May, the company pointed to the idea that it could break ground on factories simultaneously in two different states to ensure that at least one of them gets up and running without delay.

Tech Times reported last week that CEO Elon Musk not only suggested California could be the top spot and win the battle for a Tesla factory, but that the company could break ground in three different states. With the state's tax breaks for such enterprises, California is once again a front-runner, at least in the rumor mill.

"California has re-entered the race and closed the gap with the other states," a Tesla spokesman said July 24.

Now, however, rumor mill speculation continues. According to reports, some 50 large earth movers have reportedly visited a site near Sparks, Nev., and those who attempted to discern the reason for the guarded area were not given any information. Many observers believe this could be the spot for the battery factory that Tesla has been discussing.

The site is large enough for Tesla's 10-million-square-foot factory, which it believes can deliver over batteries for some 500,000 vehicle annually by the end of the decade. It will also employ 6,500 workers.

Finding a factory location and building the plant is vital to Tesla's continued movement into the mainstream of the car-manufacturing industry. It plans to launch the Model 3, a competitor of BMW's 3-series, by 2017. This car could be a huge test for the company to see if the average citizen will go electric when the prices are similar. The Model 3 aims to retail at $35,000.

But without the Gigafactory, there will be no Model 3, so finding a location and breaking ground seems paramount to the company's further success.

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