Sony Outs PlayStation Messages For iOS And Android


PlayStation users now have an easier way to send messages to fellow gamers with the newly released PlayStation Messages app from Sony.

Following the standard set by Facebook when it created a separate messaging app from the social network's main platform, Sony makes the new PlayStation Messages app as the official mobile app that is now available to iOS and Android users.

"Use PlayStation Messages to instantly see who's online and message your gamer friends and favorite groups from your mobile device," states the app's description in iTunes. "Always stay connected with your gamer friends to talk about the games you love to play even while you're away from your PS4 system."

PS Messages is a free app that allows players to see friends who are online. They can also see the game that each one is playing and send messages either in text form or voice to a friend or to the people in a group where they belong. Apart from the text and voice messages, they can also send photos and stickers that feature popular PS4 game characters. These would include Knack and Nathan Drake of Uncharted.

Other features of the PlayStation Messages app include quick access to the user's favorite message groups based on his favorites list and the ability to stay connected at all times with one's gamer friends in order to talk about the games they love to play even when there is no PS4 system on sight.

In the past, users would send messages through the PlayStation app which was seen as having a sluggish and blurry performance. Now, users can simply tap the Messages tab found in the toolbar at the top part of the PlayStation app in order to launch the new PlayStation Messages app.

However, users would still need the full PlayStation app in order to learn about new game releases, the latest PS4 news and everything that is related to their PSN account.

Sony's original PlayStation app has also been updated, allowing users to keep track of each of their activities and to follow verified accounts of other users.

The new PlayStation Messages app is now available as a free download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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