Daniel Radcliffe, Peter Jackson and more went to Comic-Con in disguise


Comic-Con is such a big, bustling place that anyone famous who is spotted on the convention floor is instantly accosted for photographs and autographs. Most of them don't mind posing in the slightest — if you are anywhere near that show floor, then you know what you're in for — but what about those times they'd just like to wander like everyone else? How do you roam the floor, take in the sights and make some purchases when you've got a face that all 150,000 people at the convention would recognize?

The solution many stars opt for is to do as the locals do and disguise themselves with a geeky costume. It's become an annual thing for famous people to do at Comic-Con, a fun pastime for some and a necessity for others. This year, more stars than ever before ventured onto the show floor in disguise, to varying degrees of success.

Some stars go all out, like Daniel Radcliffe, who wore a full-body Spider-Man unitard and even sported an American accent to keep his identity secret. Radcliffe reportedly posed for many pictures with attendees, but no one figured out who was inside the spandex.

Even "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson donned a homemade "evil jester" costume that made him unrecognizable to fans at the show.

No star put more effort into Comic-Con costuming than Adam Savage, who can probably be credited with originating the trend. For years, he's played a game with fans that he calls "Adam Incognito," where he crafts an extremely complex, authentic costume and dares "Mythbusters" fans to find him in the exhibit hall. For 2014, he wore one of his most extreme outfits ever: a replica spacesuit from "Alien" (via Yahoo), complete with a face-hugger creature attacking his glass helmet.

Not everyone puts as much full-body effort into it as Savage or Radcliffe. "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams, who portrays Arya Stark on the show, traded back and forth between face masks of Spider-Man and Guy Fawkes while wearing her regular street clothes.

Photos of some of these stars in costume can be found below.

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