Apple has made a series of announcements today, including things like the new iPhone battery case and an update to the Apple TV to include Siri. Another announcement, however, is the release of iOS 9.2.

The new operating system brings a number of improvements to iOS, including some pretty big improvements to Apple Music and iBooks.

First up, users can now much more easily combine their current music library with the Apple Music streaming service. Users can easily see whether or not a song has been downloaded, download songs, albums or entire playlists and start new playlists.

iBooks now supports 3D Touch, enabling users to quickly peek at pages. It also now offers users the ability to listen to an audiobook in the background while they browse the books they have in the app.

Of course, not all the new features are to be seen. The iOS 9.2 update brings USB Camera Adapter support to the operating system, as well as Mail Drop, a feature that was added to OS X for large attachments. Siri can also now speak Arabic.

While there is some confusion as to whether or not the new update would add support for AT&T's NumberSync calling, considering some of the later betas didn't include it, users are reporting that they can in fact now activate it on their phone.

Via: Engadget

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