Trump/Darth Vader Mashup Turns The GOP Hopeful Into The Greatest Villain In The Galaxy


Within the past week, headline-grabber and GOP hopeful Donald Trump has recently (and now, notoriously) made anti-Muslim comments that have more or less allowed him to be villianized by the media, but a Star Wars-style mashup turns Trump into the greatest antagonist the Imperial Empire has to offer by combining some of the billionaire's best sound bites with intergalactic dictator Darth Vader. 

Opening with "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, Trump's official campaign song, the clip features Trump as the evil, helmeted Anakin Skywalker rambling about stabbing a childhood friend, mocking fellow primary candidate Ben Carson, calling the people of Iowa "stupid," boasting about his "great financials," and choking an Imperial officer while waxing on about his business relations with China.

The whole delightful debacle really gives the rejoinder "don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Darth Vader" an entirely different meaning.

An added bonus? A Star Destroyer and the Death Star featuring billboards that read "Trump: Make the Galaxy Great Again!"

Check out the Trump/Darth Vader mashup below.


Via: The Verge

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