Because it might be considered cruel and unusual to gift a console without games, especially on Christmas Day, Sony and Microsoft have put together several bundles of video game joy for the holidays.

With gift-giving mere days away, some of Sony's bundles have sold out. Microsoft is offering a wider variety of bundles than Sony, but it has a few that are nearing unavailability due to the holiday rush.

If you're here, there's a good chance there's a gamer near the top of your shopping list. Maybe this gamer has been duped into believing Santa isn't bringing them a new PS4 or Xbox One, so this roundup of console bundles will deliver surefire hits.

Xbox One

Microsoft has simplified its Xbox One bundling scheme by over a console, a game and a controller for $299. The games are different, but the price is the same.

Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle: There's game of the year material inside this bundle. But gift-givers beware. Fallout 4, a post-apocalyptic role playing game, is meant for mature adults.

Xbox One Madden NFL 16 Bundle: For the football fans, there is no greater bundle than one that includes a Madden game. While not a huge leap forward from Madden 15, it's a huge step forward from playing a Madden game on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4.

Xbox One Rise of the Tomb Raider Bundle: What makes this bundle great is it contains an Xbox One exclusive, for a while at least. The game picks up where the 2013 series reboot left off.

PlayStation 4

Star Wars Battlefront bundle: This game is designed to be accessible, so even gamers without an fps pedigree can do the amazing on day one. Plus, this game is gorgeous. And on top of that, it's a Star Wars game.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle: While Rise of the Tomb Raider won't arrive on PlayStation 4 until another year has passed, the Uncharted series is sure to satiate any cravings for adventuring through far-flung locales. This series remaster includes 3 Uncharted games.

There are Destiny and Call of Duty bundles for the PlayStation 4, but those are limited edition products. And if a prospect recipient wanted either game bad enough for you to pay the limited edition price, you'd probably already know exactly what he or she wants.

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