Ever watched a music video, dance or parody online and just have the gut-feeling that what you're viewing will be on the uptick of going viral ... and quicker than a blink of an eye?

Well, taking its highlighted section of Popular videos a step further, YouTube introduced its Trending tab on iOS, Android and desktop on Thursday.

The goal of the Trending tab feature, according to YouTube's Kevin Allocca, is to enable viewers to see viral videos "as they take off."

"Never miss a pizza rat, 'Nae Nae' dance, or Drake parody ever again," Allocca says, as part of YouTube's introduction announcement for the tab.

The announcement arrived on the same day that YouTube revealed its top trends of 2015 as a year-end package under YouTube Rewind. Instead of waiting to compile such clips, though, the Trending tab will highlight such increasingly-hot videos and memes as they buzz, allowing users to stay abreast on what's being talked about, searched, shared and seen the most as they take on viral lives of their own.

A YouTube spokesperson told Venture Beat that the Trending tab of videos going viral will differ from country to country and that assembling each section includes little human curation. The Trending tab may also decide to limit videos rated MA from prominently being featured, even if they are going viral.

YouTube says that it also plans on breaking down its Trending tab into genres such as music, gaming and news on Android devices to make it easier for users to pinpoint what's going viral within specific categories.

Now, you can pinpoint a song like Adele's "Hello," as it takes off and reaches unearthly numbers.

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