You Can Now Manage Your Gmail In Yahoo Mail: How It Works


Yahoo Mail's capabilities have expanded to include support for Gmail and Google Apps accounts, as announced by senior product manager Shiv Shankar in a post on Yahoo's official Tumblr page.

Shankar said that, upon the launch of the revamped Yahoo Mail app earlier in October, comments on the app have largely been positive. The new app launched with the capability to manage multiple mailboxes for Hotmail, and AOL Mail.

The Tumblr post announced that in addition to the aforementioned e-mail clients, Yahoo Mail will now also be supporting Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

"All the features you need and love in Yahoo Mail - powerful search, smart contacts, rich compose features and Yahoo Account Key for password-free sign-in - are now available with Gmail," Shankar wrote, adding that the inclusion of Gmail support is one step towards a more powerful, convenient and personal e-mail experience.

The post also said that users will be able to search through their e-mail history since day one, not just on one mailbox but on all connected mailboxes simultaneously. The Yahoo Mail app will also be syncing all the actions that users perform on their mailboxes, such as deleting e-mails, transferring e-mails between different folders and marking e-mails as read.

When sending out e-mails, users can also choose to send them out using any of the connected accounts on the Yahoo Mail app.

The post also detailed several features for Yahoo Mail that can now be used for Gmail, namely password-free sign-ins with Yahoo Account Key, e-mail composing with easily added content such as pictures and videos, smarter search results and access to contacts across all connected e-mail accounts.

For Gmail users to connect their accounts, they would simply have to enter the Account Settings menu of the Yahoo Mail app. The feature is now globally available.

Yahoo is hoping that the addition of Gmail support would attract more users. Yahoo, which has remained as one of the top providers in the crowded e-mail service space, is looking for Yahoo Mail to become not just a communication tool but also a universal database that contains all the personal information that is important to a user.

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