For those looking to get their hands on the highly-anticipated video game title Little Big Planet 3, wait no longer: the game will be available worldwide on Nov. 18 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Also, there are bonuses that will come with North American pre-orders of the PS4 version of the game. Everyone who buys a copy of the game (either digital or disk) will get a set of game characters from another highly-anticipated game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Today, Sony announced that depending on where players purchase Little Big Planet 3, additional downloadable content will also be available when pre-ordered. Gamestop is giving a “Mythical Creatures” costume pack. Best Buy is handing out a “Hidden Creatures” costume pack. Amazon may have the most attractive pre-order incentive, though, with its “PlayStation Favorites” pack that features costumes from popular PlayStation games like Journey and Patapon.

Target is offering physical goods for pre-orders: a Sackboy plushie complete with a Target logo hat.

Finally, digital pre-orders from the PlayStation Store will get access to a Little Big Planet 3 T-shirt that the game's characters can wear in Little Big Planet 2 and 3, Little Big Planet for Vita and Little Big Planet Karting.

Sony promises to announce pre-orders for Europe soon.

Little Big Planet 3 comes with several new features, including playable characters other than Sackboy, the previous games’ main character. There is Toggle, who has the ability to become big or small, depending on what a game level requires. There is also Oddsock, a creature shaped like a dog, who is the fastest character in the game and comes with the ability to jump up walls. Finally, there is Swoop, a bird-like creature that can fly to areas in levels inaccessible to the other characters.

Sackboy comes with a few upgrades, including new abilities and power-ups, along with a gun called the “Pumpinator” that emits air currents. Most importantly, all characters have editable statistics so you can create them for specific tasks, like running faster, jumping higher and even flying.

Little Big Planet 3 will also continue using the popular community that allows users to create their own levels and share them with the world.

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