Apple is always looking out for companies that are worthy enough to be acquired. From what we have come to understand, one analyst would love to see the Cupertino giant acquire some of the biggest names in the tech and auto industry.

At the moment, Apple is sitting on $200 billion in cash, so it could possibly acquire any company it wants. FBR & Co. analyst Daniel Ives believes that Apple should consider making a move towards Adobe, Box, GoPro and even Tesla.

Ives noted that Tesla is a long shot since Apple is already working on its competing electric car for the future, and the company is grabbing former Tesla employees as fast as it can. The idea of Apple moving for Tesla had come up several times during shareholder meetings, but Tim Cook made sure to dodge the questions every time.

"In our view, acquiring Tesla's advanced battery technology would greatly accelerate Apple's entrance into the next-generation auto arena, and we estimate valuable economies of scope could be realized while transitioning to mass-market volumes (e.g., consumer electronic batteries, automotive software, etc.)," according to Ives in a statement.

When it comes down to Adobe and Box, Ives said these acquisitions could help with Apple's push into the enterprise. Box is great for enterprise storage, and this is something Apple needs. As for Adobe, the company is huge in the enterprise due to its range of creative apps. Just imagine if Apple could gain access to apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

We could see several Apple products in the Mac and iPad range with these apps installed for enterprise customers. It's truly a no-brainer, but Tim Cook might view things differently.

As for GoPro, it is clear that the Apple iPhone and iPads are used a lot with these devices. Ives believes that new products coming from GoPro could open the door for Apple to enter a market where its competitors are investing in heavily.

The importance of drones and the developments in virtual reality are becoming more apparent each day, and as such, Apple cannot afford to be left behind.

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