Sweetened beverages such as soda largely contribute to the obesity problem in the United States and if statistics on the consumption of soda could be an indicator that Americans are finally taking heed of health advices on the dangers of drinking too much soda, the country may soon have healthier and fitter citizens.

A new Gallup poll shows that more and more Americans attempt to avoid drinking soda compared with a decade ago. The findings were based on a poll conducted between July 7 and July 10 this year that surveyed Americans about their consumption habits. Results of the survey showed that 63 percent of Americans are trying to actively avoid drinking soda, a significant increase from 51 percent ten years ago and 41 percent 12 years ago.

Gallup says that reports of unwanted health effects associated with consuming soda have apparently prompted Americans to be more conscious with their soda consumption. Attempts to raise taxes and ban soda may have also contributed to the changes. Ten years ago, 24 percent of Americans think about drinking soda but this has now dropped to 13 percent.

It's also not just soda that Americans try to avoid. The survey also found that a growing number of Americans are avoiding sugar since 2002 and for similar reason. Sugar is associated with negative health effects. Unfortunately, while many Americans attempt to avoid sugar, many appear to be unable to resist consuming sugar as the number of Americans who continue to actively include sugar in their diet has not significantly changed since 2002.

"Since 2002, soda and sugar have moved into the category of food a majority of Americans appear to consider bad for them. This year, more Americans than ever say they try to avoid drinking soda, while there has been little change in sentiment about avoiding sugar intake," the Gallup report published on July 28 reads.

It also appears that Americans strive to consume healthier foods as well as 45 percent try to include organic food in their diet. More than 9 out of ten Americans also try to include fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Americans, however, are apparently not as conscientious when it comes to making changes with their salt intake regardless that intake of too much salt is also associated with negative health consequences. Current consumption of salt has not significantly changed since 2002 and 28 percent of Americans said that they try to include salt in their diet.

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