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Omega 3, Fish Oil Supplements Useless For Heart Health, Says New Study

A new systematic review of previous omega 3 and fish oil trials found that they do very little to improve heart health. In fact, the chance of getting any meaningful impact from omega 3 consumption is one in 1,000.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 19, 2018

40-Year Study Shows Conservatives More Likely To Live Meaningful Lives Than Liberals

A massive survey of 50,000 individuals showed that right-wingers were more likely to find meaning in their lives than those who leaned left. The data was gathered in 16 countries over a span of 40 years.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 19, 2018

World’s Oldest Bread Found In Jordan Suggests Hunter-Gatherers Baked Before Discovery Of Agriculture

The crumbs of the world’s oldest flat dough resembling the pita bread were found in an oven in a site located in the Black Desert in northeastern Jordan. The discovery suggested ancient people baked even before the peak of agriculture.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 17, 2018

Largest Study Of Its Kind Shows Eating Fat Is The Only Cause Of Weight Gain

A new study found that fat alone causes the worst long-term weight gain. Even carbohydrates with 30 percent sugar and carbohydrates combined with fat were found to not have as much of an impact as fat alone.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 16, 2018

FDA Warns About Dog Food That May Bring Heart Disease

The FDA warned pet owners about certain types of dog food that could make dogs at risk of a heart disease. The cases were particularly worrisome because they involved dog breeds that are not genetically prone to develop the disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 15, 2018

An Orange A Day Keeps Common Cause Of Blindness Away According To Study

A new study specified the important benefits of including a serving of oranges to everyday meals. The study said oranges protect people from developing a leading cause of blindness that occurs after the age of 50.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 14, 2018

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Could Reduce Symptoms Of Asthma, New Study Claims

A new study conducted by French researchers claimed that maintaining a healthy diet of fruits and vegetable lessen the symptoms of asthma. The study was published in the European Respiratory Journal.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2018

How Do You Know If A Horse Is Happy? Listen For Snorts

A new study claimed that horses express their happiness through their snorts. The researchers monitored the snorts of horses in three different settings, with two groups living in a riding school and the third group always roaming in pastures.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2018

Seetroën Glasses By Citroën Will Eliminate Motion Sickness, But With An Obvious Downside

Engineers from automobile manufacturer Citroën claim to have developed a new pair of glasses that will eliminate motion sickness. If the Seetroën glasses really work, they come with an obvious downside that might make customers think twice about buying them.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 11, 2018

Stop Spending Money On Multivitamins, Researchers Say They Don’t Work When It Comes To Heart Health

Yet another study found no link between taking multivitamins and a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from cardiovascular disease. The finding came as a result of previous studies involving over 2 million people from five different countries.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 11, 2018

Sex Addiction Is Now Considered As A Mental Health Disorder, According To WHO

The World Health Organization has now classified sex addiction as a mental health disorder. This announcement followed after WHO also listed compulsive video game playing as a mental health problem.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2018

Physician 'Burnout' Has Led To Over 100,000 Deaths Due To Medical Errors, New Study Suggest

A new study has found that at least 3,574 doctors felt 'burnout', which has led to numerous medical errors. In addition to feeling burnt-out, some physicians felt depressed and have contemplated suicide.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 10, 2018

Parents Who Suffered Severe Trauma Throughout Childhood More Likely To Have Behavioral Problems With Children

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California showed that parents who suffered from a traumatic childhood may have mental health problems in their adulthood. The children of these parents are also at risk of having behavioral problems.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2018

Just Thinking About Stress In The Morning Could Lower Cognitive Capacity Throughout The Day

Waking up in the morning anticipating stress could affect how a person learns and retains memory throughout the day. A new study further investigates the use of wearable devices to analyze how stress affects the body and behavior.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2018

Wearing Neckties Can Reduce Blood Flow To The Brain By 7.5 Percent

Wearing necktie may hamper a person's creative and thinking abilities as it obstructs blood flow. An earlier study also found a link between wearing ties regularly and the risk for blindness.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 8, 2018

Woman Rushed To ER After Being Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider, Finds 50 More In Apartment

A woman was rushed to the emergency room after she was bitten by multiple brown recluse spiders. The woman was unaware the spiders were in her apartment.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 7, 2018

New Selfie App Could Help Infertile Women Choose Lookalike Egg Donor

A new app created at a clinic in Spain uses facial recognition to match the egg donor with the mother. Scientists suggested that this is a better way of ensuring the children will look like the mother.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 7, 2018

Bananas Could Become Extinct Due To 'Devastating' Disease

According to scientists, bananas may go extinct due to a disease. The disease has spread to other parts of the country and scientists worry that if it reaches South America, the bananas will not be edible.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 6, 2018

'Curious' 13-Year-Old Boy Taken To Hospital After Inserting USB Into His Penis

A teen from North China inserted a USB cable into his genitals out of curiosity. The teen was admitted into the hospital after he was unable to take the cable out.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 6, 2018

Why Do We Yawn? Researchers Continue To Search For The Answer

Scientists have tried to discover why people yawn and why it is contagious. Scientists have also discovered that contagious yawning also occurs among dogs as well.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 6, 2018

The Real Reason Why Americans Are Having Fewer Babies

A new comprehensive survey shows that parents don’t want to have more children right now because it’s too expensive to have a kid. There’s also the fact that women now have more freedom to choose not to have a child.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 7, 2018

Older Adults That Are 'Skinny Fat' May Develop Dementia

Scientists believe that adults that are considered to be skinny fat may develop dementia later on in their life. The researchers conducted tests on over 300 people to test this theory.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

4-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps After Spine Surgery

A 4-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy took her first step without the assistance of a walker. The young girl received spinal surgery in May 2018.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Champion Swimmer Deteriorated After Petting Panda In China: What Happened To Her?

Sophia Ward was 14 years old when her family went on a trip to China to watch the Beijing Olympics of 2008. The champion swimmer's health rapidly deteriorated after coming home, with her illness traced back to petting a panda.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Probiotics May Help Strengthen Your Bones, Says New Study

There might be a way to prevent the onset of poor bone health instead of treating the effects of the condition once it’s begun. The possible solution? Probiotics.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Improve Sperm Quality By Eating About 2 Handful Of Nuts

A study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology suggested that men should add nuts to their daily food intake to improve sperm count. The researchers said a healthy diet is one key to fertility among men.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Walking Isn’t Enough Exercise, Strength Training Also Key: Study

A new review from Public Health England warned that walking and aerobic exercises aren’t enough for good health and fitness. It promoted bone and muscle strengthening exercises for optimal wellness, even among older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Drinking Any Kind Of Coffee Helps You Live Longer, Study Claims

A new study claimed that drinking any kind of coffee will help people live longer, with a 12 percent lower risk of death. The research adds to the growing list of studies that highlight the benefits of drinking coffee.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 3, 2018

Police Search For German Shepherd After Man Was Bitten And Could Be At Risk Of Rabies

A man who was bitten by a German shepherd will have to undergo rabies treatment if the dog is not found. Police have released footage of the dog and his owner in hopes of finding them and having the dog tested for rabies.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 2, 2018

29-Year-Old Woman Dies After Having All Four Limbs Amputated Due To 'Silent Killer'

A 29-year-old woman tragically lost her life after contracting sepsis while on vacation with her family. The illness was so severe, it resulted in the woman getting all four of her limbs amputated.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 2, 2018

Study Finds That People Wash Their Hands Incorrectly Most Of The Time: How To Wash The Hands Properly

What's the necessary amount of time for proper hand washing? If in doubt, sing two "Happy Birthday" songs from start to finish while lathering the hands with soap and water.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 1, 2018

3-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Is Flower Girl At Donor's Wedding

A 3-year-old girl who was diagnosed with cancer attended the wedding of the woman who saved her life. The bride donated her bone marrow to the little girl and asked her to be in the wedding.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

Air Pollution Can Increase A Person's Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Air pollution can increase a person's chance of getting type 2 diabetes. A new study found that one in seven cases of type 2 diabetes cases was due to air pollution.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

Professor Collecting Dick Pics For Science Announces She’s Ending The Study

A professor recently announced that she was going to collect 3,600 pictures of penises for research. Unfortunately, that study can’t continue given the overwhelming public response.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

43-Year-Old Woman Addicted To Tanning Discovers Pimple On Her Nose Is Skin Cancer

A 43-year-old woman discovered that a pimple on the right side of her nose was skin cancer after it exploded and bleed for three weeks. After getting the cancer removed, the woman was left with a small hole the size of a penny on her nose.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

Study Finds That People Are Not Properly Washing Their Hands 97 Percent Of The Time

The USDA conducted a study that showed people are not washing their hands properly. The study found that only 3 percent of its participants actually washed their hands the right way and the rest failed to do so.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

How A 28-Year-Old Transgender Man Received A Penis Made Out Of Forearm Skin

Elijah Stephens recently had New Jersey's first female-to-male genital reassignment surgery. Doctors removed skin and tissue from his forearm to make a penis.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

Eating Walnuts Can Decrease Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers suggested that eating walnuts can decrease a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The researchers conducted a study on over 34,000 people and found that the ones who consumed walnuts had a 47 percent lower chance of getting the illness.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

Patients Who Stick With The Same Doctor Will Less Likely Die Prematurely, New Study Suggests

A new study has found that patients who visit the same doctor will live longer. The researchers of the study examined over 1.4 million patients from various countries and discovered they had a higher chance of dying if they switched doctors.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

Here’s How and How Long It Likely Takes To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

It's possible to see a noticeable difference in waist size with a calorie-controlled, quality diet and exercise, according to a fitness expert. Learn these specific tips to destroy belly fat now.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

Human Lifespan Has No Fixed Limit According To New Study

A study challenged the assumption that older people are more likely to die. The new paper proposed that there is a plateau to death rates at a certain age, suggesting that there is no observable limit to human lifespan.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 1, 2018

95-Year-Old Man Beats Rabid Fox To Death With Wooden Plank

An elderly man saved his life by beating a rabid fox to death that was on his deck. The man claimed to have had previous incidents where local residents were attacked by a rabid fox and did not want to take any chances.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor 2 Weeks After His 6-Year-Old Sister Was Hospitalized With Same Condition

Two siblings from California were both diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. The sister who is 6 years old was diagnosed first, followed by her 4-year-old brother and both siblings suffered from intense headaches.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

16-Year-Old Girl Dies During Overnight School Trip Due To Toxic Shock Syndrome

A teenage girl died during an overnight school trip in March 2017 due to toxic shock syndrome. A coroner has confirmed that TSS was the cause of the teenager's death a year after the incident occurred.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

Only 23 Percent Of Adults In The United States Get Enough Exercise

According to data published by the CDC, only around 23 percent of adults in America are getting the required amount of exercise in their spare time. The data also showed that the state with the highest number of adults that exercise is Colorado.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

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