The AT&T BlackBerry Priv is now getting its first update, following the previous rollout for the unlocked version of the handset.

The BlackBerry Priv stirred great interest upon its debut, as it comes as the very first Android handset from the Canadian OEM. BlackBerry promised to make the Priv one of its most secure smartphones and that means periodically upgrading the software, especially since Android is a new route for the company.

AT&T launched the BlackBerry Priv in early November, offering the device on-contract, with installment plans, or outright.

The first update for the BlackBerry Priv rolled out earlier this month, but it was only for the unlocked smartphones purchased through BlackBerry's website. The same update is now available for the AT&T version of the handset as well, as announced by BlackBerry Director of Software Michael Clewley.

The update for the unlocked BlackBerry Priv weighed 475 MB and the AT&T package should be along the same lines. At the same time, the AT&T BlackBerry Priv update should bring the same features and improvements as it did for the unlocked version.

This means that the AT&T BlackBerry Priv will receive some enhancements for the camera app, enabling it to launch faster and capture better photos in low-light environments. System performance should sport improvements as well, while some tweaks should now make the software more reliable overall. The update also includes the security patch for December.

In addition to the update package itself, the OEM also said that it was updating some of its apps that are available via Google Play. Some users have already started to notice those updates, including 16:9 photo support and new filters for the camera app, as well as more emojis and languages for the keyboard. The DTEK app also gets more notification options to warn users when apps try to use their personal data. WhatsApp users, meanwhile, can now integrate the messaging app into the Hub & Contacts apps.

BlackBerry Priv owners on AT&T should see an update prompt soon if they haven't already, or they can manually check whether the update is available by accessing their device's Settings > About > Software updates.

If you already got the latest update, drop by our comment section below and let us know how it fares.

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