Samsung shows off the Gear VR in a pair of new videos, teasing the gadget's cinematic and gaming proficiency.

The videos, both of which carry the end caption "Your world just got bigger. Discover the Galaxy in your pocket," show the unique experiences that the Gear VR can bring to the user.

"You're probably used to playing Temple Run like this. But just add a Samsung Gear VR and now you're actually in the game," said the voice-over in the first video.

It went on by showing users how the Gear VR can fulfill their wildest dreams such as flying among the stars, choosing any place on Earth to visit and becoming the hero in Twisted Dreams.

"You're used to dreaming about heroes. But when you add the Samsung Gear VR, you become the hero," said the voice-over.

The second video shows how users can have unique and immersive explorations while wearing the Gear VR. 

"Your phone can help you find the park. But when you pair it with the Samsung Gear VR, you can explore a totally different kind of park," said the voice-over, while the video showed an unusual park filled with huge dinosaurs.

Apart from being able to explore different types of environments, Gear VR users can also do several other things such as go deeper into the sea to enjoy wildlife, see the world quite differently than before and go skiing on snowcapped mountains.

The videos also featured Ladee Lush's Whistle as the accompanying audio.

All of the capabilities mentioned above are just some of the things that users can enjoy while wearing the Gear VR. Depending on the strength of one's imagination, several other possibilities can occur while wearing the device from Samsung. These can include reaching the top of Mt. Everest, running away from the zombies in a movie, landing on Mars through a space capsule, and learning witchcraft at the Hogwarts School.

The Samsung Gear VR headset is already available in the U.S., the UK and Europe. Pricing is around $99, but will depend on one's location. Users should be able to pair the wearable with a compatible Samsung handset in order to enjoy its exciting capabilities. Check out the videos below to get a better idea of the Samsung Gear VR capabilities.

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