You Can Now Play 'Mario Kart 8' On PC With Cemu Wii U Emulator [Video]


Fans of Mario Kart 8 will now be able to play the title on their PC following an update on the Cemu Wii U emulator.

Initially released back in October under version 1.0, the Cemu Wii U emulator is still a work in progress, with the developers promising to release an update at least every two weeks. A previous update already allowed users to start Mario Kart 8 with a decent frame rate. However, the game was not in a playable state just yet and developers still had a lot work to do.

Latest reports say that the Cemu Wii U emulator can now play Mario Kart 8 levels on the PC. It seems like the developers did keep their promise after all considering that only two months ago, the game's menu was barely working.

While some of the effects are still missing and players would need a powerful rig to achieve a smooth run of the game, the tracks are already present and even come with a decent resolution. Players can also see the racers along with a skybox with clouds and firework effects.

In the video, half of the screen shows the game being emulated by the latest Cemu 1.1.2b version, while the other shows the game's emulation by Cemu in the older version. The most obvious difference between the two versions is the lighting. The older version has a darker lighting feature while the latest has improved a lot in all aspects of lighting needs.

Players seem to be pleased with the development if the comments on the game's demo video in YouTube are to be considered.

"If this emulator keeps improving this fast we might be able to play new Zelda game on PC right when it comes out," said a YouTube subscriber named Dizzee.

"Amazing, I can't wait till Xenoblade Chronicles X works," said another YouTube subscriber named SeKToR.

"Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Star Fox 0, Fatal Frame 3, Smash, and Wooly World - all coming to a PC near you. Might need to get a new graphics card for this, but it'll be worth it," commented YouTube user Dirtyfox Productions.

In the meantime, the Dolphin emulator, which allows gameplay of Gamecube and Wii games on the PC, is still under development. 

The Cemu Wii U emulator has indeed come a long way and it would be interesting to see just how many Wii U games can land on the PC in the future. Check out the video below to see how much progress it has made during the past few months.

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