'Mario Kart 8' Just Got Modded Into 'Grand Theft Auto V'


Grand Theft Auto V on PC and mods go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether they mods that make the game a little funnier or more challenging, there is literally a mod for every type of player. It keeps the game fresh and is always giving players yet another reason to log on to Rockstar's virtual version of Los Angeles.

Case and point: if you are a Nintendo fan, this Mario Kart 8 mod is for you. Modder MrVicho13 (with the help of one Mr. Ray Koopa) has taken the Wii U version of the N64 Yoshi's Valley race track from Mario Kart 8 and placed it whole cloth into Grand Theft Auto V for any PC player to enjoy.

Instead of racing as Mario, Luigi or Bowser, players instead race around the brightly colored race track as Trevor, Franklin or Michael. The mod doesn't play like Mario Kart 8 (it still has GTA V's car physics and disappointing lack of power-ups), but it's still an impressive technical feat that is hard not to smile at.

The only downside is that the mod is only playable in single-player, as mods are not allowed in the game's online modes. Breaching Rockstar's online agreements is subject to all kinds of bans, so this mod will be staying offline. Mario Kart is considerably less fun by yourself, but we'll take the ability to play it on our computer and be happy about it.

There is also the issue of how long this mod will be around for. Considering the mod is ripped straight from Mario Kart 8, Nintendo might want to have a word with MrVicho13 over his creation, as the company isn't exactly known for going easy on those making fan creations based on their iconic franchises. In the meantime, MrVicho13 plans on adding more levels from Nintendo's racer to the mod soon, so perhaps your favorite track will make the cut. You can watch the mod in action below.

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