Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has offered a few tidbits about his new studio's first game and someone has censored a bit of information he shared about bringing it to the PC.

It will be Kojima's first game since departing from Konami after finishing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In an interview with IGN, Kojima shared his company's approach to its first game. He wants to create something relatively small-scale, with "not too many people" and with the focus being on game creation, at least at the beginning.

"I want to create something that's what people expect, but at the same time will have something new that people haven't seen before," Kojima told IGN, adding: "it will be a complete game."

There weren't many details about the game, but art director Yoji Shinkawa chimed in, stating that he and Kojima had been working on a franchise with recognizable characters. They want to continue to do so, but they want new characters to be more recognizable and more beloved, he said.

News of Kojima Productions' first game arrived on the heels of a joint announcement from the company and Sony. Sony's PlayStation division has signed an agreement to partner with Kojima Productions on the game development company's first game.

"I will be taking on a new challenge by establishing my own independent studio, and I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey with PlayStation, who I have continued to work with all these past years," Kojima stated. "I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise."

While Sony will help to make Kojima's first game happen, that initial release will only be a timed exclusive for PlayStation. In a Q&A posted to Medium and pulled shortly after, Kojima stated that he planned to bring the game to the PC after a run on PlayStation 4.

PlayStation EU's community manager explained on Twitter that he was only complying with a request, though he didn't indicate if that came from Sony or Kojima Productions or elsewhere.

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