Kim Kardashian's mobile game is making $700,000 per day: Wait, what?


Kim Kardashian is well known for making a ton of money by doing nothing. Seriously, she does nothing. Now, the newlywed Kardashian is making around $700,000 from her new app per day, and yes, she's doing nothing.  

The popular app is called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and it is developed by Glu Mobile. The app allows players to create their own avatar that can work to achieve celebrity-like status. Players are asked to wear expensive clothes, go to photo shoots, and hangout with celebrities among other things.

The main goal at the end of the day is to move up from being an E-List celebrity to an A-List celebrity.  

The Kardashian game is a free download, so some might be wondering how it is making $700,000 per day. Well, players must spend real money to gain certain items to swag out their avatar. For example, if players want that sexy looking dress, or to have the latest hairstyle, they will be required to throw down real cash to get them.  

This is basically how Kim Kardashian lives her life. Hang out with celebs, take photo shoots, purchase expensive clothes, look pretty and profit. That is basically doing nothing, and players of her new game are also doing nothing, and that is making Kardashian a lot of money while she continues to do nothing.  

At this rate, analysts believe the game could rake in over $200 million in its first year on the market. If the game does turn out to make that amount of money, it would be right up there with smash hits such as Candy Crush. Makes us wonder what our world is coming to if a game like this can make $200 million in a single year.  

Since the Kim Kardashian game launched in late June, developer of the title, Glu Mobile, saw its share increase by more than 30 percent. In addition, Glu reported that sales jumped by 51 percent in the second quarter of the year, which has much to do with the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.  

We doubt the game will continue on its current growth projection unless new gameplay mechanics are added. We'd like to think that buying expensive clothes and hanging out with celebs would eventually become boring in the short run, but after realizing how successful the app is right now, we have to say that anything is possible where success is concerned.

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