Self-proclaimed gray-hat hackers Phantom Squad are engaging in what now is becoming a holiday tradition, crippling videogame networks with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

It may seem hackers are running out of reasons to hit Sony and Microsoft's networks, but they've been justifying their actions nonetheless. Phantom Squad, which may or may not be a new group, stated the reason for hacking the videogame network on what it claims as its official Twitter account.

The hacking group says it's out to expose vulnerabilities in PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. However, another account with the username @PhantomSquad suggests there may be one other reason.

Note that the tweet by @PhantomSquad was last seen three days ago before the supposedly official Phantom Squad (@PhantomLair) tweeted its reason. The other account that pushed out tweets earlier has been suspended, at the moment of writing. The hacking group also asserts that it isn't associated with Lizard Squad, the hacker group that seemed to blow wind until it made good on its threats last year.

While it appears Phantom Squad's impact hasn't been devasting, there is evidence the hacker collective has hit at least some of its targets. Microsoft on Thursday updated its Xbox support section, indicating that there were some network issue hurting Xbox Live.

"Hey Xbox members, are you having trouble purchasing or managing your subscriptions for Xbox Live? Are you also having an issue with signing into Xbox Live? We are aware of these issues and are working to get it fixed ASAP," Microsoft stated. "Thank you for being patient while we work. We'll post another update when more information becomes available."

But just because its motives may not seem so compelling or its threats too concerning, doesn't mean new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get to spend Christmas Day worry free.

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