Facebook Live is now live for users with verified Pages.

The social network previously rolled out its livestreaming video feature back in August for public figures. The Periscope-like video service has allowed celebrities such as musicians, athletes and politicians to share live video streams in real-time using the Facebook app for iOS.

After testing out the feature with a handful of verified accounts over the past few months, Facebook has start rolling out Live for all verified Pages. However, the video feature is currently only available for those with Facebook for iOS.

The company says that the livestreaming video feature will allow for people with verified Pages to share breaking news, make announcements, host Q&As and take their fans behind the scenes.

Users with verified accounts can now share live videos by opening the Facebook app for iOS, going into their Page, tap on "Publish," and then select "Live Video." Users can write a description about the video before they start filming live in real-time.

As the video is recording, the user will be able to see the number or viewers who are currently watching, the names of other verified Pages that have tuned in and a stream of comments that appear in real-time.

When the user is finished broadcasting, the video gets published on their Timeline so that fans who weren't watching live can check it out later. This means fans of a celebrity don't have to stay up all hours of the night to hear some big announcement. People who like a verified Page will receive a notification in their News Feed to discover the live video. Facebook users can also subscribe to receive notifications the next time a Page goes live.

Users with a verified account can also decide to delete the video later if they wish to do so, just like any other post.

Now that Live has rolled out to verified Pages, the only missing demographic is the average user. However, Facebook has been testing Live Video and Collages features earlier this month for all users.

The feature allows users to share live video in real-time by tapping on "Update Status" and selecting the "Live Video" icon.

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